June 11, 2011 - A quiet Saturday

Well, not really much to talk about today. We played with Jason's banjo a little, and will probably continue to practice as time permits. Slept more than he has been able to in the recent past, and that was good. Oh! I just thought about something that is worthy of reporting... The building is very warm most of the time, though not hot. For whatever reason, it was decided to set the temperature at a fixed level, throughout the building. The challenge is changing the temperature, since the building is so large it takes awhile to have a rise or fall of just a degree or two. Well, today nearly everyone on the 5E (where Jason is) wing was talking about how warm it was, and a bunch of the guys were constantly sweating. A notice came out that the temperature was going to be going down and we were all happy to hear that. Just a few hours later... it was still warm in Jason's (and others) room, yet most of the rest of the building was now actually quite cool. Not sure what happened other than to guess that the cool air just wasn't getting to that part of the hospital, so it is probably an engineering problem that will need to be addressed. Like I said earlier, his room really wasn't hot anyway, but it was warm.

I'm hoping that tomorrow is about as exciting as today was and that Jason is simply left to focus on healing, and maybe a little time playing the banjo... ;-)

Thank you, for the continued prayers and keeping Jason and the other men and women of the military in your thoughts.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017

January 2017
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