June 28, 2011 - Turred Upside Down

Jason made a milestone today, in that he was able to turn over, in his bed. Okay, he didn't do it on his own, and was actually assisted by 2 physical therapists (PTs), but it was the first time for him being able to be in his bed for any length of time, and not be on his back. The PTs said they would be back tomorrow, and every day this week, to do the same thing, and help him begin working on some of the muscles that he hasn't been using for a few months now. Initially I think Jason was apprehensive about the movement, but is now feeling pretty good about himself, and is looking forward to the continued "exercise."

Bridgette had to take off today, to head back down to Jacksonville, to take care of some of their personal business. It shouldn't be too long for her to return, so they can be together again. I know Jason likes it better when she is here. To help, the girls are staying with Grandma and Grandpa, so we get to spend even more time with them, than we have been. I promise, we won't spoil them... too much.

We got to talk with Jason's doctor and we were told that his wounds are coming along nicely right now, and it really shouldn't be too much longer until he is ready to move on. Of course there still isn't a hard date, but it was nice to know that Jason is healing up like they want, and continues to improve every day. I am hoping that with all the improvements, and the work from the PTs he will be getting a chance to get out and away from the hospital more, soon.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers of support, and for keeping us in your thoughts.


  1. Wow Jason you are really excelling in your progress! Rolling over that is big. Now that your wounds are healing you must feel so much more comfortable to start moving around more. Sounds like you have a good day. George and Linda enjoy your time with those lovely granddaughters. Praying for your continued recovery Jason. You are always remembered.

    Marine Mom

  2. Hi Jason,
    Excellent progress!! To think where you were at 3 months ago, you are the phoenix - CONGRATULATIONS :) My family is so happy for your progress also. I so look forward to meeting you and your lovely girls. Prayers continuing from Livermore! BTW, it's pouring down rain here?!!** At the end of June, hello? What state is this? Karen & Rob Weaver

  3. I am a mom in Pleasanton with a USAF pilot son...I read your posts daily...and am inspired everyday!

    Jason's progress is my inspiration!! Today's post was so great...glad to see Jason can turn over...he will be doing this soon on his own!!!

    George....spoil the grandaughters.....that's what Grandparents do!!!

    Take care!! My thoughts and prayers are with you every day!!

    Please continue the blog....America needs to see what is happening with our soldiers!!

    Blessings to the Ross family!


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