June 3, 2011 - Another relaxed day

Jason had a good day of healing and is steadily getting better. As one might imagine, the skin grafts have been compared to road rash (on a sun burn) and with road rash the wounds "weep" as they repair themselves. Well, that is one of the issues that Jason is dealing with right now, and as a result needs to get is bedding changed more frequently. It is uncomfortable for Jason, but the clean surfaces are much better for him to rest on, and it is better for the overall healing.

We went over this morning, and got to spend some time with him, prior to taking off to do some errands. Rev. Bill Nebo came by this morning also, and was actually there before the rest of us came (he's an early riser, for sure). Jason was able to work with his occupational therapist, Christine, and she had him doing all sorts of exercises. She even had him lifting some weights (2lb dumb bells), and it made me feel pretty happy to know that his muscles were getting stronger. While that was going on there were phone calls, and visitors coming in to see Jason, all wanting to know how he was doing, and asking what they could bring us or do for us. I'm thinking of putting together some small cards that I can hand out that show the Wounded Warrior Project, Hero Miles and all the other groups that have been helping us and others get through this. If people want to provide us with something then please take that money and donate to one of the groups. Donate in Jason's name, and that will be rewarding for Jason. If you want to send some thing, you can send him a get well card or a letter, you'd be surprised at how those things cheer the guys up. This actually reminds me about another opportunity to show support for some of the guys injured, in the line of duty. There is a golf tournament being put together for EOD troops injured and information on it can be found at:


This is something that has been put together by Paul Andercyke, GySgt Rickabaugh's Father-in-law. The efforts aren't to just help Jason, they are to help all EOD guys hurt, in the line of duty. It is a 501C3 non-profit registered organization, so if you're a golfer and in the area, and want to play golf, here's your game.

Linda, Bill and I went out to dinner and Bridgette stayed back with the girls and visited with Jason. We didn't get back from dinner (the dinner was put on by Navy Casualty) early enough to see Bridgette and the girls and even Jason was asleep when we came in to his room. We stayed there for just a minute or so, and then turned to leave when he stirred and woke up. This was good because it gave Bill a chance to say, "Good bye" to Jason. It was very nice having him here, as we don't see that many reminders from home. We didn't stay very long, as we were all tired too, and we wanted to let Jason get back to sleep. We took Bill back to his hotel and said our good-bye's, and then headed back to the Navy Lodge, to do the blog, which brings me to here.

Thank you, for continuing to follow along with the blog, and for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. I'm not really sure how we can ever repay all this support, other than to show that Jason has moved on to a successful life, and I am sure that is exactly what is going to happen.


  1. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Glad Bill got to visit with you all and you got a visit from "home". Take care.


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