June 16, 2011 -

Today was a pretty good day for Jason, as he was fortunate enough to go down for the procedure early, and therefore back in his room at an earlier time. As it turned out I was guessing at the timing of when he would be back in his room, and Linda and I went out to go get him some breakfast - Chocolate Chip Pancakes! When we did get back Jason had just gotten into his room, so our timing was very good. At least we thought it was very good, until all the activity took over. Also, he was still a little unsettled from the procedure, and they needed to get him his meds. I'm going to digress here for a moment, and complement the nurses, in that they are very good about making sure his meds come in on time and maintain his schedule pretty closely. Considering the interrupts associated with his treatment they keep things moving right on schedule, and that can't be an easy task. Okay, back to his breakfast. Once he was finally settled into his room and comfortable in the bed, he was interested in getting his breakfast. I went to the microwave to warm things up some, and then set them in front of him, where he enjoyed eating them.

He had some great visitors today, too. Some of his buddies from Afghanistan came by and spent a good hour or so talking with him. The wife of the commander in Afghanistan, also came by and visited for nearly 30 minutes, and in both cases the offer of help was made, and in both cases the offer was made with great sincerity. It is absolutely an amazing thing to see, the level of commitment that Marines have for one another. I wish there were something I could compare it to, but their desire to help each other is greater than I have seen, even in some of the closest families I am aware of. It makes me feel good to know that even if Jason were going through this without family, he would have the Marines there to help him.

I talked about the breakfast that we brought in today, and besides that Bridgette made a "snack" run to pick up some items for Jason that she knows he enjoys. I figure that with the efforts of all of us, plus the food that he gets at the hospital and the food that is brought in for everyone to share, Jason can't help but gain some weight. Everyone that comes in and sees him now comments on how good he is looking, simply because he is putting on some of the lost weight, and the therapy folks are working with him to build up some of his muscle mass again. It is probably going to take several weeks to get back to a reasonable level of strength, and it is great to know that that is exactly what is happening.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support. We hear about support from all over, and receive cards and letters from all over; yet everyone of them seems to be like they could come from someone very near by or from a neighbor. All of you make this possible and it is appreciated. What I ask of you is to consider donating to one of the organizations (Wounded Warrior Project, SemperFi Fund, Yellow Ribbon, Wounded Warrior EOD Foundation, etc.). I can't tell you how much all of them have helped us, and continue to help. There are many from our military who need help, and Jason is simply one of them, please consider this if you can. God Bless you all.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
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