June 1, 2011 - Skin Grafts

Today was a very important day for Jason, with the skin grafts finally being able to be set. He went to the O.R. early this morning for the surgery, and Bridgette went to his room early to see him off. The plan was for them to take a look at his wounds and to assess the conditions and determine what they could get done. Initially we were told that we should expect that half of his wounds would be covered this time, and that next week they would do the other half. Apparently, when they did take a look they were pleasantly surprised to find that he was ready for all the grafting to be done, so that's what they did. This is a very BIG deal for him because skin grafts are very painful - think of your worst sun burn you ever got, and then you managed to go run at full speed and then fall and hit asphalt for a good road rash on top of it. Now take that and double the pain and you have an idea of what a skin graft feels like.

Obviously they upped his meds a bit and his pain level is being kept somewhat under control. The good news is that as time passes the pain begins to subside and in a matter of a few days he will be at a tolerable level, and actually feel better than he did prior to the skin graft. At least that is the hope. The grafts have to take hold, and if they don't then there will be more grafting to do over again, and then the process starts all over again. So yes... please pray for this to be a one shot deal for him.

Otherwise this has been a pretty quite day for all of us. Bridgette did have to take her mother and brother back to the air port, and Stacy has grown out of her shoes (she had to go buy new shoes for her so she could continue with the day care), and that was pretty much the only other things that had to be done today.

Jason got back to his room a little later in the afternoon, so he kind of missed lunch (as did we), though that was okay because he just slept for a couple of hours and that was a good thing. By the time he was awake again (really awake) there were doctors who wanted to talk with him, and a few other things had to be taken care of and it was now getting close to dinner time, and Jason was getting hungry (me too). Fortunately, Wendy's provided a bunch of food for the people on the 5th floor and Jason was happy to get two bacon cheese burgers - as long as I took the onions and pickles off. It would have been totally great if we had had milkshakes, but hey the price was right, and the food wasn't bad. We closed out the day with a movie, Clash of the Titans (new version) and then finally Jason was getting sleepy again so we headed back to the Navy Lodge and now I'm making this blog entry.

Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers. I feel like we have turned a corner, a big corner and Jason is coming to the end of this phase of his treatment. Not sure how much longer it is going to be, but it does feel positive. Good Night...


  1. Wow, amazing update! So glad to hear it, and so positive to do all of the skin grafts. I continue to be impressed.

  2. I had an amazing dream about Jason last night. He was wearing a single dive fin...like a fishtail...and was snorkeling in beautiful water with all kinds of fish...I remember clown triggerfish and huge red and gold parrot fish... I was thinking about when he told me about his time in the water off Japan in Okinawa. He was the fastest thing in the water in my dream...fish were moving aside!
    Go figure :)
    Hugs to you all


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