June 19, 2011 - Happy Father's Day!

Today started out a little "bumpy" for Jason, in that they did the procedure this morning, as they have for the past several days; only this time he came back very much in pain and did not understand why. The nurse, same one as yesterday, checked the records from the procedure and found out that in fact nothing new had been done. All we did was to re-position him in the bed and in a short while he was comfortable again. We didn't see anything pressing up against his tender areas, or anything else that might explain what had happened, though we were all happy that he was feeling better. The rest of the day was spent comfortable, and we had a good Father's Day.

Bridgette, Linda and I, along with the girls all went out and picked up some goodies, earlier in the morning and brought them back to Jason to share. Once he was settled through the difficulties mentioned above, he got to the chocolate eclairs; and, when he bit into them you could see a total look of satisfaction. It was the same look we hadn't see since that taste of lemonade, back so many weeks ago. It was the first of the good eating we were to have for a good part of the rest of the day. The day ended with Jason eating a nice steak dinner that Bridgette went out and picked up for him. It was a "steak and potatoes" dinner that Jason really enjoys, and obviously Bridgette knew what she needed to get.

There wasn't much else to report for today, and over all it was a good day. I got to hear from all my sons, who called me and wished me a happy Father's Day, and even got to wish Jason, too. Thank you, all for your continued prayers and for continued following of this blog.


  1. Happy Father's Day Jason and George. It is nice you get to spend it together. Sending hugs and prayers your way. Karen W.

  2. Happy Father's Day Jason and George. It was nice to hear that you all had a nice day and that you George got calls from all your other sons. I love when you described Jason and the chocolate eclairs. It just has to put a smile on your face! What a nice dinner. One of my favorites. Steak and potatoes. It sounds like another good day :o) My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Eileen Bitting
    Marine Mom
    Blue Star Mom
    Danville, CA

  3. SOunds like a day well spent. SO glad that you are all together...
    keep an eye peeled for Shauna- she is hoping to come by. Grad school at George Washington University starts for her tomorrow~
    Love C

  4. Happy Father's Day !!! Have a Nice Day !!! Best Regards from Mr Lonely at http://www.lonelyreload.com .. do visits my blog when free.. XD


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