Another wonderful day, sort of.. Jason went out and bought himself a new pet. Smaller than Boomer (the dog), that he had before. I haven't taken a picture of the new pet yet, but will probably do so tomorrow. That's okay because David, Jason's brother, did take a picture and is actually thinking about getting a similar pet for his son Dylan. A pet relatively easy to take care of and fun to have around. For those who just caught it, yep, David came down for a visit. Actually David left his house just as Mom was leaving Livermore. Linda stopped at David's earlier and visited for a short while with Miriam and the boys, then headed on down here, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

David joined Jason and I, as we went over to Anthony Netto's for an early dinner. He invited us over to grill some steaks and sausages, and we had a great time. We drank Squirt, as no one wanted a beer, and it was a nice cool drink. It was nice just the four of us sitting around having a great time sharing and engaging in social skills, like talking. The down part was that David had to get back on the train, so that he didn't get home too late. This meant that he would not be seeing Mom, before she arrived. That's okay, Linda and I have already talked a little and we will be heading back up to visit with them next week, probably (not sure which day yet).

Yesterday I wrote about going to Bed Bath and Beyond because of a trash can that wasn't working any more. Earlier today David and I took the SimpleHuman trash can back over to Bed Bath and Beyond and there was no trouble doing an exchange. Heck, they even through in new batteries (6 of 'em), and now there is once again a trash can in the kitchen that Jason can easily use. It is so refreshing to work with a retailer who knows how to provide true customer service, and backs their products.

Now for the not so good part of the day. Jason found out that he won't be able to see the girls this weekend, as his X is being a bit of a snot. She has been doing her best to keep the girls away from Jason, since she left Bethesda, with them. First she limited the phone contact, and now the physical contact. Jason is being very patient, and trying to be the good guy, but I don't like what is going on. For example, she says she wants to set up a meeting to discuss a schedule, with a mediator, this sounds very positive. She then sent a text today and says the meeting is cancelled, without much explanation. Jason wants the meeting to happen so he can see the girls. She seems to have forgotten that they need to be around him, too and she seems to forget that they are both of their children, not just hers. Jason has been doing really well over these past several weeks, with the healing, and now this extra stress is not good. My take is that she is going to use the fact that she has had the girls all this time so she can get more money from Jason. As Jason says, it seems she is all about the money, and that she is terrible handling it.

Thank you, all for all the support and prayers being sent our way - May you all have a blessed and Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter Ross Clan!! I'll pray for Bridgette. Stacy and Jackie need both of their parents. God Bless you All!!

    Take good care,

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

    1. Because The Mother in Livermore called c.p.s. with a false report..The older child knows!!!
      That is why she doesn't want to talk or connect..
      It's not the mother's fault...these people brought it on themselves....Karma's a bit--
      I pray every night for you all to Wise up!!


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