Today was another day that started one way and ended a little different from what I expected. We are still leaving tomorrow, though not until tomorrow late afternoon (sometime after 15:30, or 3:30 pm). I thought I was going to be just sleeping in Jason's room, but because of the later departure I can spend another night sleeping at the Fisher House. The House is close enough to the hospital that I can walk, or I can take the shuttle if the weather isn't too friendly. We won't be getting all the way down to San Diego, tomorrow, and will be spending the night at Travis AFB, just a short way out of Sacramento, CA (actually closer to Vacaville, for those that want to be more specific). We will leave on Sunday, for San Diego, and arrive there at some undetermined time, but I'm hoping for a late morning arrival.

One of the other things I found out today was that Jason's visitors, the base commander, and vice commander, and chief of medical services don't frequent the hospital patients very often (according to one of the nurses), and for all three to make it a point to visit Jason was rather impressive to them. Jason and I didn't think too much about it, until the nurse said something to us. My guess is that they got wind of the Marine who had these amazing injuries and was still in good enough shape to travel around the country. They just had to see who this guy way. Jason and I just sort of chuckled about it.

I'll be leaving the Fisher House tomorrow, at a little after noon, and getting out of here is going to be easier than when leaving from Bethesda or Balboa. Here all I need to do is to make sure all the trash in the room is taken care of and that the linens or pulled from the bed and put in a pile on the floor. At the others we would have had to wash all the linens and fold them up. I guess part of that reason is that the Fisher House here only has the one washer and dryer so to ask people to launder their stuff probably isn't too practical. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support and take care and stay positive.


  1. Yay for forward progress...headin' South!
    Hugs and safe travels...

  2. Glad you get to get back to Cali tomorrow!!

    Have a safe flight. Keep us posted to everything.

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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January 2017
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