Happy Easter. Jason tried to get with the girls but they were not allowed to come see him, and only tonight did he get to talk with them on the phone. We will be so glad to get some arbitration worked out next week, and a schedule of when the girls will be staying with us vs. not. It is hard to believe that there could be someone so self centered and just plain mean, but there she is, and Jason is still being patient. He is a better man than I.

We went over to our friend, Bob Hamer's house, for Easter. Bob had invited us and a few other Wounded EOD guys and their families. We arrived at almost 13:30 (1:30pm) and then stayed most of the rest of the day, and it was a great opportunity for Jason to be around the other guys, to talk "their" talk. Because Jason was up so much today they set up an area where he could go lay down and take some of the pressure off. I was happy to see him take a little bit of a nap and feel better once he was back up.

We stayed until about 18:30 (6:30pm) and then headed back to the house. Jason took a quick shower and then I put fresh dressings on and he went to bed. Actually he is playing his video games right now, so I guess he isn't too tired. We'll be doing some cleaning and working around the house tomorrow, and I might even get some work done on the back yard. Since Jason left there have been some weeds that came out and a general cleaning is in order. I'm also going to be checking out the grill and making sure it still works. Thank you, for all the prayers and continued support. We're making progress and there are good things ahead.


  1. I'm sure this won't appear on the blog. It's too bad that you are telling only partial truths about everything and trying to make the girl's mother look bad. You know too well that this isn't about money (at least on her end, I can't say the same thing about you)! There are always two sides to every story. I'm sure you wouldn't want her family telling her side of things in a public forum like this! Imagine if some of the things you and your wife have done recently came out or the actual reason it took so long to arrive in San Diego.

  2. George, as a parent we have to suffer with our children through difficult times. Part of being a parent also means restraint of unjustified anger...to be fair...to be honest. This act of patience filters down to the grandchildren...to each other...and ultimately to ourselves. To use the blog as a power tool to crucify Bridgette is not fair...she's not allowed a response. What good does this do? Certainly these actions do not support civility and who will be hurt the most?...the girls, and everyone who cares for their future emotional stability...please stop creating a wound that can't be healed....Yvonne

  3. Jason never wanted to get Married or even have these children.
    He has been and always will be a self centered person (like his dad)
    The acorn never falls far from the tree. When informed that his wife was expecting their second child, what happened? he volunteered for Combat duty..and left his Family high and dry...Why? to increase his bank account! (Thru Rank)
    Divorce was coming soon..
    Oh Oh..accident, serving in middle east. Sorry! We Thank You and Applaud your Bravery.
    Since then, these two men have made life a living hell for the Doctors,nurses,usmc personnel,and Family... and continue to do so. no concern for others, and that includes there family!(all over)
    If you care for your offspring, why make them pay day in and day out for your mistakes,and shortcomings.
    This blog,donations,everything..is about $$$$$$
    I can No Longer Stay Silent!!

    Your Wife and kids...Have been Faithful to you thru all of this..and how do you repay their love..with lies and deceit.

    In the End, your kids are the one's that will have to pay the bill. You could have avoided all of this! You Both created this Nightmare! Now it comes back and will haunt you all the days of your life. George?? How do you sleep at night!

    1. What exactly is your definition of faithful? I know quite a few Marines that could state otherwise to this fact. If you want to talk about not keeping silent anymore you better hope that certain people keep their mouths shut as well when it comes to Bridgette’s behavior over the past six months especially while she was in Bethesda supposedly taking care of Jason. So if you want to come on here and say hurtful things to this family you should at least get your facts straight about Bridgette instead of trying to portray her as the victim in all of this.


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