May 1, 2011 - First Day of May

Jason has had a good day today. He began with a good start and a simple breakfast - I think he is looking forward to a home cooked breakfast. Something about hospital food and the mass production aspect (basically the food in the hospital really isn't that bad, he just wants a little more "excitement"). After that he enjoyed a good visit from mom and dad who were able to go outside with him for a second time. They have a special chair set up for him, they use a special pad on a geri-chair, to help him maintain comfort. He still can't sit all the way up, but he's getting better.

After the chair ride we came back in and his lunch was ready to go. He had mashed potatoes and gravy, with a navy bean soup. They actually still have him on controlled diet, with the control being on the caloric intake, as he needs to ingest almost 3000 (It is amazing the number of calories the body burns in repairing itself) per day. He can now eat just about anything he wants, so after we went to go pick up David (yeah, his brother is back out for another visit and Jason wanted him here for the Purple Heart presentation tomorrow), we went to Taco Bell and picked him up a couple of bean burritos, which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was good to seem him enjoy eating this, though he also had Chinese food last night, so you can see his digestive system is coming back to "normal."

We are looking forward to the Purple Heart presentation tomorrow, as the Commandant has been very patient with Jason. He has come by to visit with Jason a couple of times, but because Jason just wasn't ready it was agreed to just wait until he was. We'll get some pictures, and I'll see what I can do to post a few of them here, or I might just redirect to another site, if there are too many pictures.

It feels like things are starting to get to a point of normalcy for Jason, and thus the rest of his family, and mostly for Bridgette and his girls. Having said that it is also recognized that Jason's life is now getting closer to that next important step, and that is his rehab, both physical and occupational. We don't know where he will be going for that work, yet, but it is something that he and Bridgette will need to decide pretty soon. Once that has been identified I'll be sure to let all the readers of this blog know where his new efforts will be.

Thank you, all for all your support and kind words. We have met a number of clergy since we have been here, some military chaplains and some "civilian" contractors. They come from all faiths and all show the highest level of compassion, and that is so appreciated. Even though we do receive that kind of support it is also important to us that everyone continue to send their prayers and keep us in your hearts.


  1. I am so happy to follow your blog.....and am so glad to see the past few days have been great for Jason and your family. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    GOOO Jason!!

    We are an Air Force family from Pleasanton.

    Becky Bias

  2. Thinking of Jason as he receives his Purple Heart tomorrow. Peace to all.
    Bill Buchanan

  3. I am so proud of our Military men and women and for the bravery that they show. Thank you Jason for all you have done and will do. I would be honored to meet you some day. I salute you! You are still in our prayers as well as your family. God bless you! Karen & Rob Weaver

  4. Thinking of you and Jason as he receives his Purple Heart. We are very happy he is feeling well enough to receive it. I hope the President's message tonight brings him satisfaction on a job well done. Thank you Jason. Best Wishes for you and your family tomorrow.

  5. I am getting goose bumps just thinking about the Purple Heart ceremony for Jason. I wish I could have come. I know I will see it some day. Prayers are answered.... I just know it. I will keep sending them.

  6. Great news on that they have identified the type of infection Jason has! No medicine like being able to see his children, that will help with keeping positive karma going. Cherish your moment of the Purple heart pinning tomorrow Jason and family!

    2/1 Marine Mom


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