May 22, 2011

Jason had a nice day today, and got out in his chair. He didn't go out side today, and simply rolled around the 5th floor. He said he plans to get out again tomorrow, so that he can get down to "Main Street" (an area in the hospital that has services such as the Post Office, a barber shop, the Credit Union, and fast food). We watched a couple of movies (that Jason's Uncle Larry bought for him), and we all ate in Jason's room, though this wasn't the first time for that. His doctor came by and visited with us for a little while, and I think that made Jason feel good.

Another visit for Jason, today, was a General and Sargent Major of the Marines. Both of these men spoke with Jason in a very positive and supportive manner; and because both of them had been to Afghanistan, were able to discuss some specific details about what happened, and where. They stayed for 15 or 20 minutes and we took some pictures (I'll post tomorrow) and had them sign the Red Book, and then they were off to visit with others. These kinds of unplanned visits are the best visits for Jason, as I think it makes him feel more connected with the Marines.

Tomorrow Uncle Larry heads back to California, and I'm not sure who is going to miss him more - Jason or me and Linda. Uncle Larry has really gotten involved with Jason's care and helps me to move and/or adjust Jason, when he needs to be repositioned in his bed, or his chair. In the past I have always been a key person to help Jason, and with both me and Uncle Larry doing the work you can really tell that Jason is much more confident in the moves. The medical staff does help, but because it seems it is always someone different, the consistency of having the two of us has been good.

Not much else to post today, so I'll simply say, "Thank you!" to all of you for your continued prayers and for keeping us in your hears.


  1. Dear George, Linda and Jason, I am pleased that all is going well. I was happy to hear that Jason got to go outside. Relaxing in the sunshine and all that nature around will make strides in Jason's improvement, not to deminish what all of you are doing. I am happy to see the pictures. I don't know, you've got one heck of a son there George and Linda

  2. Dear Sir,

    I received this link on my Drawger site and was very pleased to see it took me here. I'm not enough of a journalist to have remembered to get your name and address when I was at Bethesda drawing Jason so I felt terrible that I had no way to get in contact with you. Uncle Charlie was kind enough to post a comment on the blog so I knew someone was paying attention. Jason is looking great. So happy to see him smiling in these pictures. This blogsite is a wonderful idea. Best wishes.


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