May 26, 2011 - Roller Coaster

Apologies for the lateness of this post, but because I was attempting to do it from Jason's iPad I was not able to make type-o corrections, and there were a few. Any, it is posted now, and I'll have another a bit later today - right now I'm finally getting some sleep... Peace...
Today was a day that Jason will want to remember, and forget. He started the day with abdominal problems, and a great deal of dis comfort. Dr.s didn't know what was going on, and it seemed like know one else did either. The biggest problem with this, is that the doctors process of figuring things out sometimes takes hours, and unfortunately this was one of those problems. The answer finally did come, but literally not until just a short time ago, so Jason had to endure the discomfort for the entire day. He has been given some medications and they feel that he will be in much better shape tomorrow, but in the mean time he has asked me to spend the night, so I'm here for him. It was a physically challenging day, and he made his way through it.

So why the title? He also had a visitor stop by, that made him feel better. Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) the actor, stopped by. Through the coarse of the conversation he invited us to lunch the next time we're in Los Angeles. As it turns out he knows some of David's (Jason's brother) neighbors and said we could all have lunch at his restaurant. Jason thought this was a nice gesture, and it took his mind off his pain and discomfort for at least a little while. And, yes... We did get some pictures, and he signed Jason's Red Book. We will also see him this weekend, as he has invited us to the Memorial Day Celebration, going on in Washington. Jason won't be able to go but Joe promised him that he would see us on TV, if he watched.

Thank you all, for keeping our family in your hearts and continued prayers.


  1. George, It was good to hear your and Linda's voices yesterday as well as Ageny Rossi! That was a kick and Monica, Natalee and Ross were so impressed that I actually talked with him. Ross reminded me he plays Fat Tony on the Simpsons and was very excited. It is so heartwarming to hear of celebraties that give their time to bring a distraction, some laughter, good comversation and support to our Wounded Warriers and their families. Jason, you will have quite the stories and memories from all of these people coming to share with you. I think of you daily and wishing you a comfortable long Memorial Day Weekend. Karen W


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