May 13, 2011 - Friday the 13th...

Well, don't let the title bother you, Jason was in and out of the O.R. relatively quickly - under 3 hours. They had to replace a small section of the Integra and do a wash out, and remove the wound vac from his belly, since it is looking better. The doctors came to talk with us later in the day and they only had good and positive things to say about how the injuries were healing up and how Jason was looking. I have to admit, his face and upper body are beginning to look much better, AND he is regularly exercising his hands more (he has a yellow and pink sponge to squeeze - he calls them Sponge Bob and Patrick)

There were some visitors from the New York Fire Department (about 5 of them) and they came to thank Jason for his service to the country. We talked about 9/11 for a few minutes, and how it affected all of us in different ways. These guys all had friends who were killed there, and you could tell they were a little emotional about it. They gave each of us an NYFD hat, and T-shirt, then left. Another visitor that came in, that I already knew, was Chris, another amputee that I had met at the Oriels vs. Red Sox game a few weeks ago. He got to through out the first pitch, and I think I mentioned him in a previous post. Anyway, he came in and talked with Jason for a few minutes. I think he did more to show Jason there are positive things to look forward to, more than anything or anyone else, so far. Chris has injuries that not as sever as Jason's, but they aren't far behind.

I learned of a patio area in the hospital, that I will be checking out tomorrow. If it looks good, and isn't difficult to get to, I'll see if I can get Jason out in his chair to take a look at it with me. I think him getting out side, even if it is just for a few minutes, would be good for him.

Thank you, for the support and prayers, and especially for the comments on these posts. Jason enjoys reading them, so please don't be afraid to just say, "Hi!"


  1. Glad to hear things are continuing to go well. Glad Jason is reading his blog now too! We're constantly thinking about you. Keep healing fast.
    (Chris and Leah)

  2. Hello to all of you from Kauai! A beautiful island - so green and lush. I am still checking the blog everynight to see how you all are doing. It is wonderful to hear about all of the visitors that stop in to visit and support you since we are too far away to do that. It is good to know how grateful people are for what you have sacrificed. Keep it up Jason! There are many prayers sent your way to keep you moving forward. Hugs and Prayers to you all! Karen W


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