May 7, 2011 - A nice turn around

After the day yesterday's activities, today was a nice turn around for Jason, and it was a rather relaxed day for him. The medical folks were able to secure a new bed, and it was replaced at about 1:30 this afternoon. Jason wasn't particularly happy with the interim bed, as he was kind of stuck in one position, and wasn't able to eat like he had been previously. It was really kind of amazing how much better Jason was, as soon as he was positioned and comfortable with the new bed. He was brought up to almost the highest level and was able to eat comfortably again. Earlier in the day Bridgette had come over to spend some time with Jason, so I took the opportunity to go do a little shopping (low on a couple of food items), and it allowed them to have some private time.

After I got back from the store, and put away the food, I headed back up to see Jason and find out what the status of the bed was - it was about noon. Jason was feeling a little sore from the "emergency" move still, an was anxious to get in to the new bed that they had told us was coming. Once in the bed, as I said earlier, he made an amazing shift to being pretty much like it was before, though he was still a bit tired and sore. Since we had some time to relax now he wanted to watch a movie, and I put in that latest Silvester Stalone movie, Expendables. We watched it for a while, and then I started getting tired. He paused the movie and the nurse came in to do some work with Jason. I told him I need to go take a nap and would be back later. As it turned out I came back about 2 hours later, roughly 4:30pm and he had just woken up from a nap. He fell asleep almost as soon as I had left so we were able to finish watching the movie right from where I had left it. It was nice being with him, and not really talking much, though we did have a couple of conversations. He wanted to tell me about some of the things he and "Gunny Rick" had done, and that he is anxious to see the guys soon. We watched another movie, "Taken" with Liam Neeson, and this time we watched the entire movie, with only a couple of minor interruptions. By now it was getting late and I needed to get some dinner (Jason had eaten already). I told him I'd see him in the morning, and left to come back to the lodge. And that was the day... nice.

Thank you, all again for your continued prayers and support. Please keep us all in your hearts and ask for strength.


  1. Your strength is amazing, George, and we really appreciate the details of Jason's progress inch by inch. All of us at FPC are praying for all of you constantly. We were proud that the Marines honored him so intimately yet formally and glad to hear they can use him if he wants to stay in--good thoughts about the future. Julie & Hugh


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