May 27, 2011 - more healing

Today was a continuation of yesterday, with some extra challenges for Jason to deal with, and a demonstration of his inner strength that gets us all through this. They found fluid around his left lung so they had to put in another tube to help drain it. Besides the obvious benefit of the removal of the fluid (he could literally breath better) he was also relieved of some pressures that had built up in his abdominal area. When he was taken down for the procedure they only had to give him a local, so he was pretty happy about that. By the time I had left his room they had removed over 2Lt. of fluid and he felt so much better.

"Rolling Thunder", came by the hospital today, and a group of them came up to visit with the patients. I'm not really sure how to describe them, other than a movement. It is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who have gotten together to show their support for the men and women who put themselves in harms way, so that we can enjoy our freedoms. The group that came to Washington, D.C. this year was about 300,000 riders, and very impressive. The five that came into Jason's room brought along one other person, a singer, and I'm embarrassed that I don't recall her name. She is a tall, attractive young woman who also lost one of her legs in a terrible car accident. She is showing the guys that there is a future. The others in the group talked with Jason and encouraged him to stay strong and gave him some keepsakes. Then finally, there is another blog that I think everyone should take a look at -

You will see some amazing drawings that were done of Jason and other wounded warriors, that are destine to go into the Smithsonian.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers, God's strength is carrying us through.


  1. AMAZING illustrations on the blog you provided, George. Loved the positive comments about Jason (even the nod to Charlie Sheen's former self). ;) amazing amounts of visitors, great pictures. Jason - I'm so glad to hear that you continue to improve; your resilience is mind boggling! Thinking of you all and praying for you, Jennifer Geiger


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