May 14, 2011 - Kind of an overcast day

Jason is getting into a more regular routine and today was a good demonstration of that. He woke up to medical staff poking and prodding him; his breakfast was brought in; lunch came around, along with more of the medical team checking his status; watched a bit of T.V. (John Wayne movie Rio Bravo was the best part); and then dinner with Mom and Dad. Yeah, Mom is back from California (and I'm glad she is!). There were a number of visits through the day, where the medical folks had to come in and check on him, take is vitals and make sure he didn't need anything. This is why I kind of push to get him out in his chair, just to help break up some of the day with something different. I think he would like to be able to do more, but weekends just don't have as much going on, so visitors are about the only thing he has to look forward to.

I would really like to get Jason out side and enjoy some sunny days, but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating very well. The last couple of days have been a little over cast, and today was described as gloomy by the hotel staff. Then, tonight is starts to rain and thunder - a bunch. I just hope we can get some good days to go enjoy the sun as Jason really likes that. I was talking with Jason the other day and told him that when we finally get to his rehab site; just as soon as he is allowed; I'm taking him fishing. We can go out on a boat, or right off the shore, I don't care (I don't think he cares either). Eventually we will be doing more and more outdoor activities.

Well, that is about all the update there is for today - Jason has had a nice quite, even day, and when we left his room tonight (he was sleeping) we left him in good hands. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. Some of you are still sending in cards and letters, and Jason really does enjoy seeing them - even when he hasn't met whomever has sent them.


  1. Hi Jason (and George), I'm glad you were able to spare Linda for a few days. It was good to see her and chat for a while. I'm also glad so many different people are stopping by to see you and give you encouragement and express their gratitude. I would be one of them if you weren't so far away. It must be frustrating to be "stuck" inside day after day. Keep dreaming of fishing...a great sport. Keep painting, too. Maybe you can post some of your pictures. I'd like to see them. (I still paint about like all my preschoolers do...well maybe not as well.) Blessings, Raymie

  2. George: Really enjoyed the new pictures. Glad Linda was able to come back. Jim and I read your post every morning and say a little prayer that Jason has a good day.

    Jim and Carol Larsen


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