May 15, 2011 - Sunday

Today was a good day for Jason. He had some issues with pain this morning, and we asked that the pain doctors (really, that's what they call them) be paged and come in and talk to us. We had a good visit with them and ALL of us ended up with a better understanding of how Jason could best control his pain, with the medications that were being made available to him. Once that was done it seemed like the rest of the day went very well. Jason still had a couple of movies that he had not seen, so we watched those with him, and in between we had a chance to just visit and talk. There were a couple of phone calls, but no visitors other than family and medical staff. Of course you might say that is enough visitors by themselves, but Jason enjoys talking to other folks once in a while.

Another "first" happened today, in that I went and bought him a Coke (20oz. bottle) to drink. He said he was just wanting a Coke, and I said I would check with the nurse to be sure it was okay, and she told me there were no restrictions on his diet, so go ahead. The bottle lasted him for a couple of hours, and he seemed to enjoy each drink, with the first one being the best. It was the first taste of Coke he has had this year.

I'm getting pretty good working with the medical team, when it comes to moving him and you can really tell his confidence level in me is pretty high. There are a few guys Jason is comfortable with, when it comes to being moved, and they all know that I take the lead when coordinating our moves. I think they are happy with that, as they simply have to only do what I ask them to do, rather than try to interpret what the patient (Jason) asks them to do. Over the last few days we have been able to provide Jason with a pretty stable environment, and that helps him to remain more stable.

Thank you, again, for all the support and prayers that are being said for Jason. He is making progress and we anticipate with each step forward his progress will be that much better, and he'll be that much stronger.


  1. It's so wonderful to see the pictures. And hear about your amazing progress. You are doing AWESOME. I love hearing about all of your visitors too! I check on you first thing in the AM to see how things are going. You and your family continue to be in my thoughs and payers.

    God Bless,
    Roseanne Phillips
    Blue Star Moms
    Danville, CA


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