May 3, 2011 - The good days continue

Jason had a good day today, both in the O.R. as well as when he got out. The results of the efforts of the doctors in the O.R. were less than what we had hoped, but still some progress was made. When he went in, they had hoped to place some Integra material on his wounds, but because there was still some areas that needed healing it was decided to delay. We are now looking at Friday (or maybe Saturday) as the next opportunity. Not sure if it will be Friday, because unfortunately there were more warriors brought in who needed more immediate attention, and thus it could push out the schedule for Jason, but only by a day. The sad news is that there were enough new cases that the schedule could be impacted that much. The good news is that the skills of the medical teams here, as well as the dedication, is exactly what is needed to address the need.

Jason sent Mom and Dad out on a mission today, to find some sour dough bread, as he really would like to eat some. His diet is such that he can eat whatever he wants now, and his body is handling all the food just as it should. The challenge is that the nurses (and I guess the doctors, too ;-)) are monitoring all that he is eating and counting calories. We need to be sure they get told any time he eats anything, and just how much he is eating, and drinking. I also stopped by a Seven Eleven and bought him a cherry Slurpee. It was a 32oz sized drink, and he drank it all. We also brought him some of those Campbell Soup microwavable "cans" so he could get some soups, other than from the hospital kitchen. He was happy to see all of it, especially the bread.

The only real challenge we (he) seem to be having is his sweating. He just starts sweating so much, and they have the room temp as low as it can be set. He sits in his bed with no blanket or shirt and it doesn't seem to help much. We even brought him in a small fan to help keep a soft breeze on him. The medical folks are a bit puzzled as to why he sweats so much, but it doesn't seem to be impacting any of his other vital signs, and he really doesn't express any discomfort, other than the sweat running down his arm or on his chest or forehead. It does seem to happen more after a surgery, but not always, and it has everyone wondering why. He does drink a great deal of other liquids, besides Slurpee, so for now they'll continue with the tests, and just monitor him.

As you can see, it was a good day, in that he was able to visit with all of us, and even his little girls were able to come by, after day care. He really misses them and you can tell that he is anxious to hold them, but right now his arms just aren't ready for it. Maybe in another couple of weeks, and he has a chance to build up a little more strength, as well as his hands get a little more chance to heal. Please continue to pray for him, and the doctors, so that the healing and positive developments get even better; and, please pray for those that recently arrived, as they now have a long tough road to go down as well.

Thank you, and God Bless.


  1. George, Thank you for your blog, I know that it does not cover all the tough moments that all of you go through. Please know that we are praying for all of you through all those times for strength to carry you through. It is remarkable how Jason has progressed. Know that is because of yours and Linda's and Bridgette's strength to keep him going. We love you all. Karen, Monica, Natalee and Ross

  2. So happy to hear all the good news. Far a while it looked like these days were so far off and now he is going outside and eating and being able to visit. There is certainly power in prayer, and Jason has a whole army of Prayer Worriers.

    It has opened my eyes for the other young men that have arrived there. Many of them don't have the support that Jason has had so I'm with you in asking prayer for them also.

    Take care. Get rest. Enjoy being with your Son and Granddaughters. My Love to Linda.

    Your Comadre, Yolanda


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