May 12, 2011 - A day late

This post was actually written about 24 hours ago, but Google's Blogger was down and I was unable to post until now. A bit frustrating, but none-the-less, here is the post for yesterday... Enjoy.
Well, Blogger is down and therefore I am capturing the entry for today via MS Word. The good side is that people can still see all the entries up to today, the down side is that I can’t make any new entries right now. Anyway, Jason had a very good and relaxing day. He is getting better at his pain management, with the phantom pain now starting to show up occasionally, but it only lasts for a few moments. His appetite is getting better, so the feeding tube has been removed (that was a bit of an ordeal in itself, though he is glad to have it gone). We had some visitors today that were a very nice surprise. Two astronauts, from the recent shuttle missions came by and visited for about 15 minutes, and of course I didn’t have my camera with me. I did, however, have my phone and took a picture with it. They left a couple of nice gifts for Jason and I – actually I got a pin and Jason got a few things, like autographed pictures, a flag that was flown in the shuttle and has flown 5,000,000+ miles, a couple of pins and stuff like that. They also signed our Sign-in book, so we can show who was here. The book is starting to get a few pages of signatures now.
One thing that was going on today, at the base, was a Marine Silent Drill Team demonstration. Jason was told about it and was pretty excited about being able to see them. We talked with some of the medical staff and thought we were all ready to go when the word came down from office of the Chief Surgeon of the Hospital that he didn’t want Jason to go. He didn’t feel it was safe enough for Jason and that by allowing Jason to go that far away from his primary care jeopardized all the progress Jason had made. Despite all the progress that Jason has made he is still not strong enough to be venturing out from the hospital. Jason, being the good Marine that he is, took the news in stride and he and I spent the day watching a couple of movies, and enjoying our meals together. I ordered out and got some Chinese food for dinner, which is what he asked for. One other notable visit today was from the Occupational Therapist. She came in, very excited to say that Jason was having the splints from his hands removed… TODAY! Now he can being doing other exercises and building some strength back in his hands and arms a little more comfortably.
His O.R. visit tomorrow is really just that, a visit. They are planning on simply looking at his wounds and seeing how the Integra is taking hold; doing a bit of a washout; and, then replacing the wound vacs and that’s about it. The doctor said he would be in and out pretty quickly, though he will still be under a general anesthesia. They also said that he was first on the list, and unless something came up he should be back in his room fairly early in the morning. This means I probably won’t see him early, prior to him going, as I don’t think I’ll be up at O’dark thirty… though I might ;-)
Thank you all for continuing to follow along with Jason’s journey. He is getting a chance, every now and then to read the blog himself, and the comments seem to be the most important aspect for him. One thing I need to point out is that sometimes people are putting questions in their comments and unless I know who you are, I have no way to respond, other than through the blog, and that just isn’t practical. If you want me (or Jason) to respond to a question you will need to at least “sign” your full name to give us a starting point for getting a response to you. Thank you, also for the continued support and prayers as we really do appreciate it.


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