May 24, 2011 -

Well, Jason really didn't have many visitors, other than a nice gentleman who has offered to commission the building of a commemorative cane. When he came in to speak with Jason, he said he recognized that it was something that Jason would probably not be using, and that it was just something he and a couple other retired military folks were doing for the wounded warriors (the actual build of the cane was going to take place in California). Jason provided some information about what he wanted on the cane, and the man thanked him for his service and left his contact information. Otherwise it was just the medical folks who came in to visit.

Jason did get out on his chair again, and he is getting better at driving around the hospital. One of the things we have discovered is that if you lower the seat you can make the chair go faster. Jason put it all the way down today - he still didn't go "fast," but it was faster than he has gone in the past. We also went out side, and it was actually kind of funny, but just about every corner we turned there was someone that knew who Jason was, and Jason knew who most of them were, though not all.

Not really much else going on, so not too long of a post tonight. This also gives me a chance to get to bed a little earlier, for a change. Thank you, all for your continued support and your prayers - God Bless you all.


  1. How nice to have a few days in a row be a bit calmer. Thank you for keep all of us posted about Jason, it is so appreciated. I am so happy to hear he is getting stronger in many different ways daily.

    My continued prayers for Jason and all of your family. Please give Linda a hug for me.

    Love and gratitude,
    Teri Wendt


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