May 8, 2011 - Happy Mother's Day!

Today was kind of a restful day for Jason. He was on the phone with multiple folks, wishing them all Happy Mother's Day. He even wished me a happy day, too. It was a very nice day today, and I was able to walk back and forth from the Navy Lodge to the Hospital several times, and therefore able to enjoy the weather. I also got all my laundry done... but that doesn't have anything to do with Jason except that now I at least look presentable...though I probably need a hair cut now. ;-)

One of the things that has started to happen with Jason, is that when he sleeps he will start to dream, and sometimes in the dream something happens, and he "jumps." I don't thing this is really too unusual, as I do it sometimes too. The difference is that he did it the other night, while in that other bed, and because he really wasn't in a particularly good position it caused him to actually pull a muscle in his back. Now you all know a pulled muscle can be uncomfortable, so when Jason mentioned to his doctor that he was feeling a little pain/discomfort on his back, and in a specific area, she immediately ordered up an X-ray. Well, when they take Jason for an exam like this they need to give him extra pain meds, so they can move him, and this is all good. So why am I bringing this up. Well, we were going to go out in his chair today, and it was canceled (by Jason) because of the timing, and of the effects of the pain meds; they tend to put him to sleep. Perhaps we can get out tomorrow, though tomorrow he has surgery and there might not be enough time to get out after he is back to his room - we'll see. Kind of made me thing of the Butterfly Effect (for those that don't know what that is, just Google it).

Jason had some nice visitors again today. Craig and Lisa Henderson came by, along with their two boys, Ryan and Collin. They stayed for a short while and talked about different things. Even though they live out here now, it still feels like a visit from someone from back home, as that is where Jason really knew them. I think Jason enjoyed telling them some war stories and talked with the boys some on what he did (E.O.D. Tech). And that was pretty much the day. Oh, yeah, one other thing. Jason was hungry for a Taco Bell crunch wrap, so I went to Taco Bell to get one. I have not had one so I really didn't know what to expect. When I brought it back to him, he informed me they had over cooked it, and the tortilla was burnt in places. He only ate about half of it. Next time I'll know better.

Thank you, all for all your kindness and support, it is appreciated. Please keep those prayers going, it is amazing the power of the prayer.


  1. George- Please let Taco Bell have it for me too...I hate burned tortillas!
    Hugs to all of you and hoping that the pain and the weather cooperate for a jaunt outside tomorrow.
    Love C

  2. Good news today. Praying each night under the stars. Thanking God for Jason's great progress. He is such an inspiration to us all. A Marine thru and true.


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