May 20, 2011 - Visitors from Afghanistan

Jason had a good day today, despite the bumpy start. He was scheduled to go to the O.R. this morning, by the doctors, but for some reason the folks who work the O.R. schedule forgot to put him on it. He had to wait a little, but it turned out okay, as he didn't have to wait TOO long, and he was back in his room by early afternoon. Besides that his Uncle Larry has come out to visit, and that was a nice surprise for Jason, to see someone from home. Once he was back to his room he quickly got over the affects of the anesthesia and either he is getting stronger, or they are using weaker doses of the stuff. I knew he was going to be hungry when he came back, so I had asked him what he would like to eat, once he had returned. He wanted Chinese food, and it arrived shortly after he did... good timing for a change.

Another surprise was that some of his buddies, from Afghanistan had come by to see him and in fact, most of them were there waiting for Jason, when he came back from the O.R. We stayed in the room long enough to deliver the food, take some pictures, and meet the guys, then we left them in the room alone to visit. It was great seeing Jason laughing and smiling again, as they were all pretty happy to see each other, and they all thought that Jason looked much better than they thought he would.

One of the best things, personally for me, was getting to meet GySgt Rickabaugh, the man who saved Jason's life. He was there and we talked briefly. He was quite humble about what he had done on the battle field, but to us it is, and always will be, nothing short of amazing. We are so grateful for the prayers and support that we continue to receive, and believe God has a purpose for Jason.


  1. Thanks for the daily updates. It's great to see God working in the lives of so many people, in such amazing ways. Hang in there! You're surrounded by loved ones and totally covered in prayer.


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