May 11, 2011 - Just a day to relax

Today was a nice quite (relatively) day for Jason, and me. We had the opportunity to get out on the chair today, but Jason said he didn't want to go anywhere or do anything he didn't have to do, and just simply relax. This will be the longest he has been able to go without having to go visit the O.R. for over two months. AND, on top of that, when he does go it will be a pretty quick visit where the doctors will be taking a look at the Integra and do a simple wash out, then back to his room. Because of the sensitivity of the wounds he will still need to go under general anesthesia. but that isn't until Friday.

There were a couple of visitors, other than the medical staff, and one of them was a guy that had not been here before, or at least not since Jason has been here. The first guy to come in was multiple amputee, where he lost both his legs above the knee and also part of his left hand. He was talking with Jason about some of the things that he was currently going through, and kind of providing Jason with a description of what can be expected in the next couple of months. He has actually come and visited with Jason a couple of times so Jason wasn't too surprised to see him. Joe (at least I think that's what his name is), on the other hand, was a surprise. He is the son of one of the Pleasanton Military Families members, and he is also an amputee, though his loss is an arm, and not a leg. I was very impressed with Joe, as he was injured back in 2005; finished up his treatment; went back to school and got his teaching credentials; and now teaches in the Washington, D.C. area. A very inspiring young man.

Tomorrow Jason will be getting out in his chair, and again going without the "tree" for 20 to 30 minutes this time. Not sure if he will venture outside yet, but we are planning a trip to the CCU, where he got to know the medical staff pretty well. With that, I am pretty much done with today's post, and it isn't even 10:00pm yet! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, and God bless you all.


  1. I love that Jason is going back to see the staff in CCU. I loved when patients would take the time to come back and see us when they were on the mend- so wonderful. Hugs to all of you. Livermore is still cool and windy....feels more like March than May...
    love, C


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