May 31, 2011 - Happy Birthday Jason

Today is Jason's birthday, and it was a day of reflection for all of us. To think that just 28 years ago, our son was born and then quickly grew to be a man. Sometimes life just moves too fast, and now here it is another birthday for Jason. It started out with a special breakfast for Jason (Chocolate Chip Pancakes) and visits from a bunch of the medical staff, who all kept asking if it was his birthday. Jason's cousin Eric, and his wife Nina and their kids had put together a package of decoration that we were finally able to use. I think it was originally supposed to be used for St. Patrick's Day, though Jason was down in the ICU still, at that time, and we couldn't decorate. Anyway, we had his room looking festive and green, and Jason was pleased with how it looked.

After breakfast and decorating we just visited with Jason until his EOD brothers came up from Camp Lejeune. They actually arrived late in the afternoon and brought Jason a gift that could not be wrapped. It was the gift of friendship and camaraderie. They were able to stay for a couple of hours, and then had to return to Camp Lejeune, since they have to work tomorrow. We actually gave them a little "private" time, so that they could talk amongst themselves and not have to worry too much about Jason's family. The other gift they brought Jason was a ukulele, so he could "exercise" his fingers, and that is actually something the occupational therapy people have been wanting him to do.

Bridgette, Stacy, Jackie, Yvonne and Jeff came over in the afternoon, a short while after the guys from Camp Lejeune showed up, and that allowed us to have a little party, including cake, ice cream and the famous George Town Cup Cakes. We all enjoyed each others company until the guys had to leave, and then Bridgette had to get the girls back to the Fisher House, so they could get some dinner. Bridgette came back later and stayed with us until Jason went to sleep, then we all finally left for the day.

Thanks, again to everyone for your continued support. Jason has surgery in the morning and it is important for this to go well if we are to be finally considering leaving this hospital for his next treatments.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON !!!!!!!! Although you don't know me and I only know you through your Mom,it is my honor,pleasure and such great joy to be wishing a very Happy Birthday! I know as a Mom of a 28 year old and 25 year old ,that your parents are praising God for the gift of celebrating this day with you today. My prayer for you is that each passing birthday will just get better and better as the years go by. You are a blessing to your family and I am so happy that your daughters have their Daddy to celebrate your day. My heart goes out to Bridgette, she must be a very special,strong lady and her love and support will see you through this journey on your path to a "new normal". May God bless you always and keep you close to His loving care.

    Take care,
    Teri Wendt
    Pleasanton, Ca

  2. Happy Birthday Sgt Jason Ross! You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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