May 10, 2011 - I guess even I get tired

Apologies for not having a post out yesterday, but I came back to the Lodge and made a couple of phone calls, and then just laid down for a minute. That minute turned into several hours, so now I'm posting for yesterday - now.

Jason had a good day, he got out on his power chair and road around a bit. We didn't leave the hospital this time, though we did venture out to a different floor of the hospital. This was all good, but the best part is that because they are weaning him away from the drip pain meds and going over to a pill. Therefore, he didn't need to take the "tree" with him, and got away from it for about 20 minutes. He still has a level of apprehension when he gets to the chair, though he is increasing his confidence all the time. Another good thing is that by the end of this week he will be loosing the splint from his right hand/arm, and the one off his left hand. He is showing strong signs of being able to do all the exercises they want him to do and he now has a strengthening squeeze "sponge" (not sure what else to call it - Jason called it Sponge Bob because its yellow and square).

Otherwise we had a nice relaxing day together, watching movies and just talking about nothing in particular. There were also a bunch of visits from the medical folks, and that was expected... ;-) I think, and feel, that Jason has turned a corner on his treatment, as the Integra has been placed and now it is a matter of waiting for that to take hold, the skin grafts that are going to need to be done, and then he will be off to his next level of rehab. You can see in his face and eyes that he is determined to build his strength back up, and that is something he works on every day. It makes me feel good and very proud of him to see how motivated he is, so I know he going to be able to do whatever it is he wants to do; and I think one of the first things he is going to want to do, outside of the hospital, is go fishing.

Thank you all, for your continued support and prayers, its working...


  1. I am so glad to hear that you were able to take a bit of a break. You so need it! Thank you for the great news on Jason. I am glad to hear that he is getting around a bit more and without the "tree". I bet that makes him happy. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers on this journey your family is traveling on. Thank God for Jason's strength and determination. Such a blessing. Please say hi Linda as well.

    Much love,
    Teri Wendt

  2. Marcia from LivermoreMay 11, 2011 at 7:57 PM

    George, thank you for your daily updates about Jason, Hi Jason! But please don't apologize for not posting an update. It's true those of us following and praying daily, look for your words,but we certainly understand your missing a day, or whatever. You've made an incredible commitment to this blog, and we love it, but you don't owe us anything. Neither does Jason. You all have given us more than we could ask of you.
    Thank you so much for this blog, and thank you Jason and the entire family for what you've given for us, who you don't even know.
    Love and prayers come your way daily.


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