July 10, 2011 - What a difference a day makes.

Jason had another visit to the PACU this morning, though it was a bit latter than other days. Have to say, that the "lateness" worked to his advantage, in that he was able to visit with Bridgette and the girls before they headed back down to North Carolina. We'll all be glad when Bridgette gets all their stuff done (with Bridgette being the happiest), so she can spend more time with Jason. Actually, I was supposed to go to a baseball game today, but since the Giants weren't playing it really wasn't as important to me; and, once Jason got back from the PACU he was feeling pretty good. A complete turn around from yesterday.

We were provided lunch, as it usually is on the weekends. It generally something that a group puts together, and for the past few days I've been in the mood for baked beans. Well, those wonderful folks brought baked beans (along with a bunch of other food items), so I was happy. Linda and I spent most of the rest of the day with him, watching a couple of movies and just talking about "stuff." We determined that one of the medications he is taking smells like vanilla, and all the medical staff, that smelled it, agreed. He is getting stronger and doing his exercises regularly. In fact, he requested his weights once he was fully situated in the bed.

There were some visitors, and in general it was a very relaxed and refreshing afternoon. Not much else to talk about so I'll be signing off now. Thank you, all for your continued prayers, and for the comments on the blog.


  1. Happy Sunday, George and Linda. I am happy to hear Jason is getting stronger everyday. Please give him my best. Also from Correen and Bryan. We continue to pray for him at church and I truly believe God is at his side. Keep the faith and know that many are still praying.


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