July 27, 2011 - Let's tour the hospital a bit

Jason had another quick visit with the PACU, and the doctor said he is looking better all the time. He is also feeling better, more and more each day and today he not only wanted to get out in his chair, he also wanted to go get a hair cut. He really wasn't getting too shaggy, but from a Marine's perspective his hair was too long and he felt he needed to get it back to regulation. Besides, it gave him somewhere new to go and he wanted to get a little more exercise. We got down to the barber and went right in and were next in line. You might think that it was because of his "patient" status, or because of his injuries, but I can honestly tell you right now, it was because there were no other folks waiting, so he was simply next. On top of the haircut he also received a nice shave and the barber even trimmed up his mustache. I did take some pictures and I need to ask Jason if he would like to have them posted, so you won't see them just yet.

After the haircut we went back to his room and he figures that he has found his limit on how long he can be out in his chair. He said his pain meds were starting to wear off so I pushed him back to his room, just because it was faster, and we wanted to get him back on the meds as soon as possible. He also was told that the audiology team was coming to test his hearing again, and he wanted to be sure he was there when they came. When we got back to his room we found out that the appointment had been moved to tomorrow. That's okay though, as it gave him a chance to relax a little - like that's going to happen. There were a bunch of visitors, with a group of them coming in from Camp Lejeune, some from his battalion and some from other places. He was feeling pretty good, even with the pain level going up. Once they gave him the needed pain meds he was back to normal, and feeling pretty good. Though he did tend to go to sleep in the middle of conversation

Linda and I went to see the Walter Reed closing party/celebration, in the afternoon. They had a rock group there that some of you might remember, The Doobie Brothers, and they played some of their old music and some new stuff. We had a great time, and then headed back to NNMC, where Linda wanted to go do some laundry and I went to go say, "Good Night" to Jason. I did stay for a short visit, just to see how he was doing and to find out if there was anything he needed me to take care of. Fortunately he was feeling good and he didn't need me to do anything, at least not right now. After the nurse came in and gave him his last meds for the evening, I said my good night and headed back to help Linda with the remaining laundry. There wasn't much to do, other than wait for the dryer, so we did.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers, and support.


  1. Hi George and everyone,
    Just checking in, glad it was a good day today. Did you see the Giants at the White House? They seemed to all be behaved and it was fun to see them there.

    Will the pain meds be something that Jason will have to do for a long time? I was wondering if his wounds will heal to the point that there won't be any more pain, wouldn't that be nice!

    Jason, will they have you swimming as part of your rehab? Seems like that would really help keep those core muscles toned which would help your back.

    I read on the web about Walter Reed closing and moving. I wonder what they will do with that building? The Doobie Bros. were always a favorite of mine, I hope they still sound good. Sounds like a fun day.

    It's hot here, in the 90s now and it's supposed to stay that way for the next week or so until the fog moves back in again. My veggie garden is growing fast, can't wait for the tomatoes.

    Keep up the good work, your famiy is very inspiring.
    Love, Karen and Rob W.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and let you know prayers are going up from the Roberts family in Joelton, TN! It's good to hear that you're making such good progress, Jason. Your dad mentioned Ted Nugent visiting the hospital - when he visited Sgt. Jamie Jarboe, Jamie's wife Melissa didn't know who he was and almost didn't let him come in the room. When she posted that on her facebook page, everybody got a kick out of the story. She said "Well, I know who he is now." LOL!

    We'll be following your journey here and on facebook; we look forward to seeing you up and out of the hospital, living life to its fullest and following God's plan for you. He is in control!

    Love and hugs to you from The Roberts Family in Joelton, TN

  3. Good Day Jason - sounds like it was a very good day, it's always good to hear that you are making progress each day as well as each week.

    Linda and George - I saw the closing ceremony for Walter Reed last night on the news, was surprised to see the Doobie Brothers performing. Takes me back..... lol

    Hope you all have a peaceful evening and if you get out on Friday do it in the morning, it's going to be a hot muggy one.

    Marine Mom


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