July 24, 2011 - Cat Scratch Fever...

Another good day for Jason, as he got out on his cart today and made multiple laps around the floor. It was a good work out and it made him (and everyone else) feel pretty good. I think MGnySgt Tod being there to help made him a bit more motivated to push just a little, and the accomplishment left Jason feeling pretty good about himself. Okay, so you're wondering about the title - Cat Scratch Fever - well for all you Ted Nuggent fans out there, he was here today and visiting with the Wounded Warriors. Now Jason did not get a chance to see him, as he was out on the cart, but we did hear about him being there, and I thought, "cool." Maybe next time we will be able to see who the celebrity is, though in all honesty, at the time, Jason was happier doing his cart than visiting with folks. He is determined to build his strength up and it is amazing how much faster he is starting to do just that.

The visit to the PACU was another trip down and back, and simply a chance to have the bandages changed. There isn't much to report about, and that is a good thing. He continues to progress and the wounds continue to get better. We are all anxious to see what happens when he goes back in to the O.R., but that hasn't been set yet, and we know it won't happen before Tuesday.

Now I know most of you know that Jason enjoys a variety of foods, and it could be argued that Mexican food is a strong contender for first place when talking about his favorites (with Chinese and Italian a close 2nd and 3rd). Today, though he got a real treat with his God-parents being here, his God-mother surprised him with fresh chicken enchiladas and her Spanish rice. It took her a few hours to prepare, and we were fortunate to have a kitchen available in order to do the cooking. We all went over to see Jason this evening and surprised him with the meal... He was very happy! On top of that, a short while before we brought the food, he received a call from Bridgette. The call wasn't all good, as both she and Jackie have come down with some sort of stomach flu, or something. They are getting some rest right now, and we hope the "bug" doesn't hang around too long.

Thank you all for all your continued prayers and support. Please keep Bridgette and the girls in your hearts and focus on them getting better.


  1. Wow Ted Nuggent. I'm not sure if my kids would even know him... although from all the 70's classics Bob and I listened to I'm sure they have heard Cat Scratch Fever before. I'm am glad Jason keeps getting better. I hope you are all blessed with "patience." I think I would be wanting things to progress really fast (as a parent), but time (and God) are the great healers for all kinds of wounds. Looking back.... look at all the progress in just 4 months.....things HAVE MOVED quickly. Imagine 4 more. I have faith that one day you will all be sitting in your own house again. I pray.
    Love, Judy

  2. Hi Jason,

    I'll be contacting Unity Church for continued healing prayers for Bridgette and the girls.

    You are getting stronger every day and it is so inspiring and motivating to hear.

    Let me know what you think about the WW Walk in Livermore that I spoke with George about.

    Have a good and productive day tomorrow and I hope the heat wave subsides a bit so you can get outside again.

    All our best,
    and Rock on,
    Karen and Rob Weaver

    Go Giants!


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