July 20, 2011 - Weather doesn't always cooperate

Jason had a pretty good day today, as he started early with a visit to the PACU for his dressing change, and he was back to his room by 10:40am. He was happy that they were able to place him in his new bed, just about the way he likes it, and he wasn't feeling much pain. On top of that he had a couple things to munch on, and he knew he was going to be going to the Bar-B-Que across the street soon. The BBQ is put on once a month by the retired Marines-Helping-Marines organization, and this was the first one he was going to be able to attend. He was so looking forward to the promised steak. The only challenge we were going to face was the weather. It was HOT today, and going to be hotter tomorrow. By noon we had him in his chair and wearing the first pull-over t-shirt he has worn since being here. All others had some Velcro, so he wouldn't have to pull it over, and could just wrap it around his arms and torso. Anyway, the nurse gave him a shot of his pain meds prior to leaving his room and we headed over to the BBQ.

Like I said, it was hot, in the mid 90's with humidity up around 85%, and the heat index being just over 100 degrees. Even trying to keep him in the shade as much as possible the heat did get to him, and shortly after arriving at the BBQ he said he needed to go back. By the time we had him back to the hospital he was hurting with the only immediate relief being the fact that he was now in an air conditioned building and relatively close to his own room. We got him upstairs and back into his bed as quickly as we could and within a matter of just a few minutes his pain level was beginning to go back down to a manageable level and by the time the nurse was back to give him another shot of pain meds he was feeling good enough that he didn't want it. AND at about the same time the nurse was coming in one of the "cooks" from the BBQ came in with a freshly cooked steak.

Actually, we had a couple of good meals from the BBQ, though I didn't get a steak, I was happy with a hamburger. We also had salad and backed beans, fruit, drinks and chips... and cookies. Within just a few minutes Jason was feeling much better, and he and I sat back and ate our lunches in his room. Actually, it was probably better than out on the patio across the street - I know it was much cooler. All of the activity did take its toll on Jason, as he quickly went to sleep after eating, and slept pretty good. I did get some pictures in and will be posting them and others a bit later this week. I know some of you have been asking for more pictures, and I have been remiss in getting them out, but fear not, I did take pictures.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support. I know I say that with each entry, and please understand that I really mean it. I think that the power of prayer and positive thinking is playing a big part in Jason's recovery, so again I say, Thank you.


  1. Dear Jason - yes it was so very hot and humid today in Maryland. Anyone who worn glasses today when they walked outside it was instant fog on the lenses no matter what time of day you went out. This heat will be gone by next week so hope you can get back outside when we get back to the high 80s here again.

    Wishing you a peaceful evening.

    Marine Mom


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