July 19, 2011 - Kind of a drag...

Today, Jason went in to the O.R. with the expectation that it was the last procedure he was going to have to deal with, for at least a little while. As it turned out he was not able to receive the treatment and in fact there was some signs that they might have to give him another antibiotic medication, and what it turned into was a very thorough cleaning. It was decided that because of his healing challenges he needed to go to a different bed (one that promoted healing of his type wounds), and so they gave him a new bed, prior to being brought back to his room. It was a very nice bed and about as high tech as you might want to see in a bed, with just one challenge to it. Jason was unable to sit up in it, and therefore, unable to eat. There were multiple attempts to get the new bed to work and all this did was irritate Jason more, and cause him to have some frustration. Still he was willing to work with the team, and it ultimately show that he (Jason) was right, and he needed a different bed, or his old bed. After several hours a new bed did show up, and Jason was able to finally sit up in this new bed and feel much more comfortable, as well as being able to eat. Once everything was set I made the run to... Taco Bell and got him a couple burritos. Life was good again and he was much happier.

There were a few visitors today, including his Battalion Commander and Sargent Major from Jason's EOD battalion, down at Camp Lejeune, three Army EOD guys with one of them being one of Jason's EOD School instructors, friends Tom and Carol, and a couple gentlemen from the VFW. They all came in and Jason appreciated it, despite the fact that he was only able to lay flat on the new bed (I think that add the most to his frustration). He showed his usual friendly side and joked around a bit, and made the visits as positive as possible. He is still showing the inner strength he has, and I really think that everyone who comes to visit him, sees it. Towards the end of the day, while we were eating TB, we all sat and watched Rango, the relatively new animation movie. He enjoyed it and even laughed a few times. Then we said our good nights, and Mom and Dad came back to the lodge, to go to sleep and update the blog - not necessarily in that order.

Thank you, again for all your support and prayers - we continue to appreciate all of them.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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