July 13, 2011 -

Jason's day started off with him feeling a little uncomfortable, though happy that he didn't have to go down to the PACU for any procedures. A short while after we (Linda and I) got to his room the doctors came in and one of them started to speak with Jason about the need to have some attention placed on his bandages. Because there was no procedure they felt there was a need to have some moisture placed on the bandages so that it would help with the healing and to make it a little more comfortable for Jason, when he goes down tomorrow. I decided to stay while they did the work and they removed the bandages, and it was the first time I had seen all of his injured areas, without any cover. I'm not sure I was happy or not, as I could tell that some of the areas still had a ways to go for healing, and others just simply looked like he was still healing from a bad sun burn. I'm glad I did see it, as I can now focus a bit more on specific points of where Jason has pain, and better understand why. One of the drawbacks for what they were doing was that they had to give him some extra pain medication and when all was done he just wanted to go to sleep, and that he did for a few hours; despite the efforts to wake him a few times.

He did have some visitors, with the Retired Marines coming by and talking with him for a few minutes. Some of those guys come in and bring experiences from WWII, and that does provide some interesting discussions for Jason. They came in earlier in the day, and their timing was excellent. The other big visitors that Jason saw today were from Team X.T.R.E.M.E. The president/founder, Jeremy Soles came with Jim Snyder and MGySgt Matt Small. As it turns out, MGySgt Small knew Jason from several years back and is also part of EOD. There is going to be the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, and they would like to have Jason as their Honoree. Actually, if Jason is up to it he might just be there, though the marathon is in Washington, D.C. and he will be getting treatment in San Diego, if all goes well. In any event, it is an honor given to Jason, and these guys are honored to be able to do it. One other point of interest with Jeremy Soles - he is the world record holder for running in a C50 Gas Mask.

The rest of the day was spent with a short trip to the MRI, not one of Jason's favorite places to go, and shaking off the affects of the meds he had been given earlier. He does have to go to the PACU tomorrow, and it all starts again, then on Friday we THINK he is going to be going to the O.R. where there will be some other work done. Jason still takes it like it is simply a matter of fact, which it really is. He is an amazing kind of Marine, that's for sure.

Thank you, all for your prayers and continued support. I've done enough of these now that I feel I should say, "Thank you." also for your tolerance of my spelling errors and use of wrong words. I don't do a great deal of proof reading, so now you understand why... Keep smiling and stay positive...


  1. Yesterday's visit, like Mr. Ross said, was spectacular. Jason came out of his meds and was greeted by an old friend and the opportunity to jumpe out of a perfectly good airplane. Not exactly news that one hopes to hear after waking up! Brother, you look great and I hope your road to recover is quick. I know your family and parents are proud of you and will be there when you need them. The same holds true for me, the rest of our EOD brothers, and Team X-T.R.E.M.E. Our motto is "We Never Forget," nor will we allow the sacrifices of wounded warriors go unheard. Keep up the motivation and don't hesitate to contact me if you need something. Cheers, brother!--Matt


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