July 8, 2011 - Let's go for a ride

Jason had another visit to the PACU today, early this morning, and for the most part it was rather uneventful. He is continuing to heal up, and all aspects of his wounds are coming along, just as they are expected to. He seems to be doing better with his pain management, and isn't using any more medication than he needs too (which makes me and I think the doctors very happy). Of course Jason is also doing his best to put on some weight, so he keeps a stash of Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints) handy. Actually they are brought around to all the patients on a regular basis, and all the guys have cookies in their rooms, if they choose to. One of the doctors on Jason's team keeps threatening to eat the Thin Mints. So now, there is an ongoing banter between the two of them about he cookies.

Today was a milestone day in that Jason was able to get out on his "prone cart" and move around the floor some. The way he is positioned on the cart allows for more air to get to the remaining wounds, and that can help with the healing. He made a couple of laps around the ward and then went back to his room. Everyone who saw him with it said that he was looking real good and once he got on to the cart and realized he was safe, he felt pretty good about it, too. He his main doctor made a trip to see him moving around, and said he looked great and gave him more encouragement. All of this is to help with his continued healing, and it looks like it is going to be doing just that. He will be going out on the cart more often now, and each time it will be pretty exciting to see him go.

Bridgette will be coming back to Bethesda this weekend, and we're all anxiously awaiting her arrival. She has been down in North Carolina, taking care of their personal things, so that they can move on to their next level of treatment. She has been doing all this while the girls have been staying with Grandma and Grandpa. She misses her babies and wants to see them again, and we think the girls are anxious to see her again, too.

Not too much else is going on so I'll sign off now with my usual - Thank you, for keeping the prayers going and for continuing to keep us in your hearts.


  1. Happy Birthday George!!! Hope it is a good one (on the 9th).


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