July 9, 2011 -

Jason had a pretty inactive day today, after the trip to the PACU. He came back feeling more pain than he usually does, and they even had him situated in the bed, so that he was laying on his left side in an attempt to help. They gave him some extra pain medication, and it was only marginally helping, when the doctor came in to the room. I asked him what was done differently this time, and that perhaps the person who wrapped his bandages this time did something differently. He assured me that he had done the wrap of the bandages and that he was the person who had been doing it for the past few days, and there were no issues during this time period. The doctor made some adjustments to the bandages and trying to fix whatever it was that was causing the discomfort when finally he did something to his right side and you could see an expression of relief on Jason's face. Everyone around the bed saw it, and Jason was almost immediately feeling much better. Still not sure what was going on, and the doctor said he would be leaving specific instructions for the rest of the team on how to set the bandages tomorrow and into the future.

After the excitement of the bandages was gone I helped with getting him comfortable again, as he was still laying on his left side. We situated him in his bed and I told him about Bridgette coming in, in a little while, and then he was asleep... a deep sleep. Bridgette showed up, actually a little earlier than I had thought she would (its a long drive from North Carolina) and Jason was still VERY asleep so we all went to dinner. Besides it gave her a chance to spend a little time with her girls. When we came back Jason was still asleep so I did my best to wake him up and when he finally did wake up we all left the two of them alone.

Tomorrow is another day for Jason, going to the PACU and getting the dressings on his wounds changed. It will be like this for then next week, and then we'll see what the doctors want to do. In the meantime he will also be working on building his strength back up, and the OT and PT folks have said they are going to be working with him more frequently.

Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers, we all appreciate it very much.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017

January 2017
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