July 23, 2011 - A day to visit

Jason has a good day in the PACU; a good day on the 5th floor; and a good day scooting around in his wheel chair. Yep, he got out in his wheelchair today, and it was the first time for the manual chair. The power chair he had prior was sent back and the manual one was decided upon to help him with his building his strength. He has wanted to get out in his chair for the past few days, and has been interrupted with each attempt. Today was different because I asked, "Do you want to go?" He said, "Yes!" and so we went. Of course we had to get some help with the transfer from his bed to the chair, but that didn't take too long.

Once he was in the chair he started to move about the floor, and wanted to head down to the PT office. He said he knew it was Saturday, and they usually aren't there on Saturday, but he wanted to go down and see anyway. After we got there he said he wanted to head down to the CCU (ICU) to go and visit with the folks there. He was feeling pretty good that his God-Parents were there and I think he wanted to show them a little more of the hospital. We pretty much let him lead the way and we all followed. Once we got to the CCU we found that there were only a few folks there that Jason knew, and that knew Jason. We did a relatively quick tour of the floor and then decided to head back. Now you have to understand, the total distance that Jason has gone now is probably well over a 1/4 mile and he is getting a little tired. Because of this I pushed him the rest of the way back to his room.

We got him back in his bed and then he really surprised me with the fact that he can now move about in the bed (using the trapeze) much more than he has in the past. It may seem silly, but I was surprised and happy. It was a real tangible sign that he is getting stronger, and has much less pain than he had just a short time ago. After he was back in his room he had a visit from a youth musical group ("Southern Comfort" pictures to be put up) that played blue grass, and Jason enjoyed it. They said they would be coming back and hoped to see Jason again, we hope we're gone before they come back. Then after that Dave the Cookie guy came by, and yes, he had some cookies. By the time the visitors were gone, and Jason was done with all his travel he was ready for sleep, and that he did.

Thank you, again for all the prayers and support.


  1. Wonderful progress Jason!! Keep up the hard work, we are praying for your recovery and for your family.

    Karen & Rob Weaver
    Go Giants

    PS The Giants are going to the White House tomorrow. :-)

  2. Sounds like a great day for a Marine. Ooh and Rah!


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