July 28, 2011 -

Jason began the day, as he has often done, with an early visit to the PACU, and was on his way down before 07:00 this morning. The big difference with this one is that it might be his last visit down to the PACU for several days. Tomorrow he goes to the O.R. where they are going to do a treatment of his wounds and then he won't have to have any other actions for two weeks, while this part heals. We are all excited about what this means, and look forward to the next phase of his healing to take place. Once he was back from the PACU the folks in audiology let us know that they wanted to do a hearing test on him, and it had to be done with his bed turned off. It also had to be done close to his room, where there was still some access to the meds he needs, just in case.

The hearing test went well and they found that he had only a slight, high level hearing loss, that most of us have anyway. In other words, his hearing is fine. What we had to do for the testing was get him out of his bed, and into his chair; and, since he was in the chair he decided to head down to the Main Street area of the hospital, where all the shops where, and where Mom could buy him a doughnut. As we were getting ready to leave we found out that the Governor of Wisconsin wanted to stop by and just say, "Hello" to Jason (as well as other warriors). Jason was OK with this and because he was already in his chair the two actually met at the door way of the room. We got some pictures and had him sign the Red Book, and then he gave Jason a small commemorative coin (a very nice coin too). Once the visit was over we all went down to the Main Street area where we stayed for a short while and Jason was able to eat a doughnut and just people watch for a little while.

We had other visitors today as well. A good friend of ours from Livermore, Carol E. came out to visit her daughter Shauna, and her friend Sarah. All three of them came by and visited with Jason for a big chunk of the afternoon. Actually, I had a task I needed to take care of so I wasn't even in the room when they all arrived. I did, however, show up about 10 minutes later. Jason was very happy to see them and he was smiling and joking with them, like he used to do when he and Shauna were kids. They knew each other from about age 8 or 9 years, and they have always been close friends.

As I said earlier, Jason has to go to the O.R. tomorrow for a special treatment, so I am asking again for your continued prayers, keeping the doctors and staff in mind, as well as all of us and Jason's family. Thank you, all for continuing to stay with the blog and keeping us in your hearts and prayers.


  1. Thank you, George, for keeping us posted and allowing us to share this journey with you. Your son is our hero, and we pray daily for the medical team to have the wisdom and skills needed for each and every challenge Jason faces on the road to healing.

  2. We are continuing our prayers for Jason. Glad to hear of these visits from "home" for Jason.

  3. We will continue to pray, and expect great things from God!

  4. We loved getting to see you all. This is an amazing oddessey you are all on...hugs and best wishes as you keep on moving forward.
    Jason- your twinkle is there. No doubt about it.
    Love carol


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