July 3, 2011

Jason went down for his procedure today, and actually came back to his room much sooner than we thought he would - and that is a good thing. He has gained some strength in his arms, and has been able to begin "assisting" in the moving of him, in his bed, so we're all feeling optimistic about his continued progress. Obviously there is still much to be accomplished, and we are happy to see small bits of progress, but when the accumulative effect of all those small bits come together it just tends to make me excited.

I went up to see Jason, early in the morning, since the girls were still asleep when I got up, and Linda said she was okay with her taking care of them while I was gone. I guess it is the best time for us to talk, guy-to-guy and it feels pretty positive. It generally tends to be the time that we do most of our "future" talks and that is when I get most of my chance to see how he is doing. Like I said, he came back sooner than we though he would, and so we hurried back to the hospital to see him. We had gone to Target to buy a few things, and perhaps we weren't moving as fast as we could have. As a result, when we did get the girls there it kind of messed up their nap schedule and so we left again after a couple of hours.

While we were gone someone from the USO came by to visit, and that was kind of a nice thing. Jason got a picture (Polaroid) with him and he looked pretty happy in the picture we saw. Otherwise, not too many visitors today and that is to be expected, with it being Sunday and a holiday weekend. I'm guessing there will be a few visitors tomorrow, and again it should be a relatively quiet day. Not sure if we will be able to see any fireworks displays, and that is okay - we'll be with Jason, and that is enough to celebrate. He doesn't have to go in for any procedure, though he goes to the O.R. on Tuesday. With the holiday getting behind us it means that PT (and OT) will be cranking up their efforts, and Jason knows this. I'll keep you all posted on his progress with this.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support. There are a few families here who have been here for more than 3 months. We see each other in the hall ways, and generally don't talk much, but just "know" that we are in this together. Please pray for these other families, as well as for us.


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