July 22, 2011

Today was another good day for Jason, and not just because things went well in the PACU. His God-parents were able to make it out and Jason was very pleased to see them. They flew in from California and will be able to stay for a few days, and most importantly they will be providing some support for Jason. Jason had asked to bring them out at the end of last week, so to have them get here in just a week is really good, considering that both of them work and had to make arrangements in a relatively short period of time. They have been a part of the family since before Jason was born, and all our boys and their kids effectively grew up together. Anyway, Jason was very happy to see them, and will enjoy them being here, as will we.

Jason went down to the gym (the PT room where the patients get to do more activities) for the first time. He'd been there before to visit with the folks, but this time he was going for business. He was not only working with the PT folks he was also working with other Wounded Warriors, guys who have similar injuries as Jason, though not as far along in their healing. It was good to see Jason providing encouragement to other Marines. He told me that he was working out with the different weights, doing different exercises. It wore him out pretty good while making him feel even better. He will be doing this more frequently now, and just a little more aggressively, as they want to build his strength - almost as much as he wants to.

Not much else going on today, though I think all that happened was pretty significant. I'm actually tired and with that I'll sign off with my usual... Thank you, for all your support and prayers. Jason is getting stronger and he has only just begun... ;-)


  1. Fantastic that Jason's strength is so visibly improving- and that he can inspire other wounded warriors as well. Hugs to all of you.


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