July 12, 2011 - Golf Tournament

First, what happened to Jason - Jason spent part of the morning in the PACU, undergoing the procedure of cleaning his wound dressings out, and this time he came back with smaller bandages. Of course, with his bandages, even "smaller" still looks pretty big, but I was glad to see it anyway. The down side is that the exposed areas are very sensitive right now and it seemed to elevate some of the phantom pain that he has to deal with. By the end of the evening, just prior to us coming back to our room at the Lodge, he was doing quiet well. Tomorrow he gets a day off from the routine, and he is looking forward to it.

He got out on his cart today, and got to exercise his arms more. He went around the floor and finally ended up down by the Physical Therapy office (the Recreational and Occupational Therapy people sit there as well) and visited with everyone. A couple of them were more excited to see him than what I would have expected, so it was a good time for Jason. He went back to his room after that and settled back for a bit of a rest. All of this information comes from Linda (aka Mom), as I was not there for most of the day. I was at a golf tournament.

The Sgt Jason Ross Golf Tournament was held today, at Queenstown Harbor Golf Links. This is the tournament that Paul Andercyk pulled together. Okay, he had some help, but he was the driving force behind it. There were about 60 golfers there and from my perspective it was a great success, and to think it was all done in four months. The money from this is to help establish the Sgt Jason Ross EOD Injuries Foundation that is targeted at helping EOD techs who are injured in the course of their duties (I hope I said that correctly). Paul and I briefly spoke about doing this again next year, as well as holding tournaments in the Los Angeles area and San Francisco Bay Area. He also suggested that we might consider other cities too, so we'll see what we can do with this. David, Jason's brother, was also involved with some of the organization, and will continue to be involved as things move along. Stay tuned for more developments with this. I will have pictures loaded up in the next day or so.

Thank you, all for all your kind words and support, and especially for your prayers.


  1. Hi Jason - nice to hear that you had another chance to get out of your room and around the floor. I really really hope i am going to get another chance to meet you again when i get back to Bethesda. Your parents are just the best people, I love getting glimpses of them being around you, you can just see the deep love they have for you.

    Marine Mom


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