July 25, 2011

Jason had another good day with the PACU, though he came back with some minor issues like a pulled muscle in his back. He was given a muscle relaxer and shortly felt better, and then spent the next few hours visiting with the people who came to see him. There was a Warrant Officer, Team Extreme, and of course his God Parents. The Warrant Officer (I apologize that I don't remember his name) talked with Jason for about 15 minutes and Jason enjoyed him being there, however Jason didn't know who he was actually and it may have been a case of the W.O. coming into Jason's room, thinking he was attached to a different part of the Marines. Like I said, it was a relatively short visit yet enjoyable. The Team EXTREME folks came in and talked with Jason about getting one of those hand crank bicycles and Jason was pretty excited about it. What they told him was, there were going to be some of those bikes in the race, and once the race was over one of them was to be given to Jason, for his own personal use. There is even an outside chance that Jason will be there and get a chance to ride it, but that is an outside chance. They talked about other things and Jason got to meet a few more of the team members, and we have more people who can provide some support for Jason as he moves along. Team EXTREME stayed for about 20 minutes and then left. Jason was in need of some rest at that point so it was good timing.

Jason's God Parents were able to spend most of the day with him, and got to see a little more about what his routine is. Having them here has been a very good positive support help for him, and for Linda and I as well. We were able to talk about some of the "old" days and about things Jason did growing up; all if it was a good walk down memory lane for all of us. Tomorrow they will be heading back home so they want to spend as much time as they can with him. I'll see if I can get everyone over there before he goes down to the PACU.

Not much else to write about today - Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers. Jason is getting better every day and we still have a ways to go.


  1. am glad I was told about this site now I wont have to ask around how he is. I worked with Jason out in Japan and it was an awesome time to work with a good fried. If Jason needs anything please let me know. Unfortinalty do to another upcoming deployment I haven't been/won't able to visit but my thoughts got out to you and your family.


  2. Hi Jason - it was a very special time for me that I got to meet you the other day. It's always great to receive the gift of new knowledge from a new friend. thank-you!

    Marine Mom


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