July 6, 2011 - A turn for the better

Jason had a pretty good visit to the PACU this morning and came back to his room with just a little smaller bandage. Of course it could have been a result of how they did the wrapping of the wounds this time, but I prefer to think that it is a result of his wounds healing up a bit... ;-) When he got to his room he began with the typical actions of the medical staff to get him set up when the Occupational Therapy person showed up. She had him doing exercises and working with him to improve his over all motions with his arms and shoulders. Just as she finished the Physical Therapy team showed up and they went to work on helping him build up his core muscles and as a result he showed that he was able to nearly turn over in the bed, on his own. This is a really big thing for Jason, in that he is moving more, as well as feeling more confident on the bed that he is on. We were all excited about how well he is continuing to progress.

Because Jason is getting stronger and more able to do different things, the "Therapy" folks will be working more frequently with him. The focus is to continue building his strength as well as the range of motion for his arms. Each little step that he takes gets him closer to healing completely, and we are all anxious for him to get to the point of where he will be able to move on to his next level of rehab, which is known as amputee rehab. Not too much else to report on today, and that is okay by me.

Thank you, all for your continued support and all your prayers for Jason and all the others, and their families.


  1. Can you show me how to build up core strength Jason, please. Glad you are doing so well, you are remarkable!!

    Karen & Rob Weaver

  2. wow guys, what a big day this was, more therapy - OT & PT and more turning over, AWESOME Jason!

    Marine Mom


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