July 17, 2011

Today I went over to the hospital a little earlier than I typically do, so that I could talk with Jason, prior to him going down to the PACU. I arrived about 06:50 and found that he had already been taken down for the dressing change. I thought, "WOW! That was early, and that means he should be coming back early." Silly me, he still didn't get back to his room until about 10:30. As a result of his arrival time he did miss breakfast, yet only had to wait a little more than a hour to get his lunch, so it wasn't too bad. Besides, he still had a bunch of other snacks he could munch on in the mean time.

Jason's pain level seemed to be well under control and the gas issues seem to have passed (yeah, that was a pun)... and the rest of the day was just talking about little things and relaxing. He said he would like to get out on the cart again, so we'll be setting that up for tomorrow. I think he is feeling more comfortable with the cart, and I also suspect that tomorrow's activities will be more than he has done in the past, so we'll need to monitor carefully. I don't want to stop him from doing things, but I also don't want him to try to do too much.

There were some beauty pageant young ladies visiting with all the guys, and they also stopped in to visit with Jason. Actually, it was the second visit by one of them, the Miss Maryland winner (she hadn't won that title the previous visit). They were all nice and talked with Jason and us for a few minutes; we took some pictures and then they said their good-bye. All of this was pretty normal for this type visitor, with one exception. One of the girls reminded us of a young woman that Jason kind of grew up with - Correen, and that made Jason smile. Actually, they made all of us smile.

Look for another exciting update, and again, thank you, for all the prayers and for keeping Jason and all of us in your thoughts.


  1. I've been following these blogs every day and thank you for being so committed to them. Sending Jason my best. Taking a trip to Afghanistan myself in a couple weeks to embed and draw. I had stopped by back in mid-June and did a couple more drawings of Jason. They're part of my last posting. Hope you like them. http://drawger.com/victorjuhasz/?article_id=12463

  2. George, I was happy to read that someone who reminded you of Correen made you smile. I thought I'd tell you a little about her. She is back up in the Bay Area signed up "full time" for school and doing real well. She is thinking of being a teacher.. more specifically "art" teacher. She has many memories of Jason and growing up at JFK day care. She mentioned the other day that she has been working since she was 14... and that was for Linda who always had faith in her... I will never forget. I am happy to read that Jason can possibly be swimming.. IN THE OCEAN!!! wow... I just know he will some day be walking again Love and prayers to all of you... Judy


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