July 26, 2011 - Another visit from the Commandant

Jason went down to the PACU today, and he left about 08:15 this morning. Now that in itself isn't remarkable, however there were a couple factors with it that make it notable. First of these was that we ALL got up early (Mom, Dad, and God Parents)and went over to see him before he went. We arrived about 06:45, so that he could say, "good-bye" to his Nino and Nina, as they had to catch a plane around 14:00 (2pm) which meant that we needed to leave for the air port at about noon. Like I said, he went down around 08:15, and this is the second notable factor, he was back in his room before 11:00. I think that was the shortest visit to the PACU that he has had, and it allowed him time to visit with his Nino and Nina again (and say, "good-bye" again). There was no new development with his treatment and he is still progressing at a consistent pace, and he came back feeling pretty good, so all-in-all it was one of the better trips to the PACU.

It was great having his God Parents here for a few days, as they helped brighten up his days a bit, and it was good for Linda and I too, to be able to talk with some friends from home again. Another visitor Jason had was from the office of the Marine Commandant, and it was the Commandant himself, General Amos. Actually, what happened was that Jason wanted to get out on his table and get some exercise so while he was making his laps around the floor he stopped on the fourth lap to rest when the General came over and knelt down to talk with Jason. It was really pretty cool because Jason didn't know he was there until he was already down to Jason's level and starting to make eye contact with him. Jason told me later that it was a bit surprising to suddenly see a four star general in front of him, kneeling down to talk with him. We just thought it was great... and yes we got a picture that I will be getting on the blog, but it will probably be tomorrow before I can get to it. He also had visits from MGynSgt Todd and First Sgt Barret so he was getting visits from a number of Marines.

Another visitor that came by was the wife of the congressman from Florida, Beverly Young. From what I understand, she comes to the hospital frequently and visits with the Wounded Warriors, doing what she can to brighten their days. She came in while I was coming back from the airport, and I only got to briefly speak with her and shake hands, and I think it was a nice thing she was doing. Otherwise it was a relaxing day for Jason, and we got to watch a couple of movies with him tonight. Well, he actually fell asleep on the second movie, so he didn't see how it ended, so I don't know if he might attempt to watch it again later.

Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers. We feel the level of love coming our way, and believe it is helping to make Jason's healing process just a little more tolerable.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017
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