July 7, 2011 - Continuing with the treatments

Jason had another day, that is probably going to be very similar to the next several days, and weeks. His wounds have progressed to the point where the changes are going to be small, though positive, as continues to heal. In fact, he has reached a point where I don't think reporting on minimal advancements makes much sense, so I will be focusing on other aspects, such as the different therapy treatments he is receiving. I think what I might do is to let everyone know when he doesn't have to go in for treatment and has a "day off." With that, PT came in today and worked with him, on strengthening his arms, and in particular, his right shoulder. M.J. (the Physical Therapist) made the comment that he was gaining good strength in his right arm and shoulder now, and was very happy with how he was progressing. He is also continuing to improve on his left side, and that is the way it has been for some time now.

He had some visitors today, with a couple of different 1st Sergeants coming in to visit with him. They were simply demonstrating the closeness of the Marines when they came by, as neither of them knew Jason, and only wanted to stop by to be sure he was doing okay, and wanting to know if there was anything they could do. Again, it was a good visit for Jason, as he enjoys being able to speak with other Marines who have some common points of history, and these guys did.

In the past I have had a number of folks ask what they can do for us, and I have mentioned in the past about some of the groups who are supporting the families of the wounded warriors. Well, I have a birthday coming up soon, and if you want to do something for me, for my birthday, make a donation to Semper Fi Fund, Wounded Warriors, one of the local Military Families Groups, EOD Warriors, Yellow Ribbon Fund, or one of the other many groups out there providing for the families. They do so much to help us it is amazing.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers. Jason is getting better, and just as soon as he can he will be making his own entry into this blog, to thank you all himself.


  1. Hey George and Jason- Had a wonderful lunch visit today with an old friend who is a Vietnam vet. He mentioned that he had been in a special program at University of Denver after he had healed up from his injuries. I did not get all the details but mention it as something that might be useful down the road.Hugs to all of you and know that a bazillion people are thinking of you every day.
    Love Carol

  2. Dear Sgt Ross and Family,

    My husband David and I have had you and your family in our prayers during your recovery. Our home is in Port Costa California and we are well acquainted with Jenny Crane's family...

    I'm affilated with Killing Machine Choppers (I was an owner of the shop in California and Australia)... The shop in Old Town Idaho annually hosts an event to support our American Troops.... The proceeds of this year's event "Run Watcha Brung" (July 15-17) will be donated to 2nd Shot and American Legion Riders. David and I have made a contribution for $250.00 in Sgt Jason Ross' name... We would like to pay tribute to you and your sacrafices... You are truly an American Hero.

    My husband David is serving with the DOD in Afghanistan in a very "hot" location...Again, Our thanks and prayers are with you and yours,

    Shari Day Post "aka" Sharki
    Port Costa California


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