July 5, 2011

Big day today, for Jason. He had a very good visit with the O.R., where he had his wounds scrubbed and re-wrapped. The doctors all said he wasn't quite ready for more skin grafting yet, and they would be continuing to monitor his progress over the next several days. The continued progress that he has been showing is good and all are feeling pretty confident that Jason is coming along just like they would like.

Almost immediately after getting back from the O.R., the PT team came to his room where they were asking him to work with them, and turn over in his bed. Honestly, Jason wasn't too excited about doing this, as he comes back from these procedures feeling a little more tender than usual, and he just wants to rest. The discussions went on for a little while, with me being on the side of the PT folks, and we finally got him to agree to turning over in his bed, after a short rest. When they came back to do the turn, everything was set up and then Jason pretty well surprised all of them when he nearly turned over by himself. I think he probably would have if he had had a little more room in the bed. It was good to get him on his belly, and he received a nice back massage as a little bonus. Once he was over he was quite comfortable, and given the opportunity he probably would have gone to sleep for a nice little nap.

Not much else to speak about, other than he is eating really well. It actually kind of amazes me how much the human body can work to repair itself, and nutrition is a big, BIG part of that. He ate the meals that were brought to him plus a couple of snacks, and he asked us to pick him up some Taco Bell. Now, I feel compelled to let everyone know that he does actually like to eat other food, besides Taco Bell, it just seems to be the most frequent.

Thank you, for your continue prayers.


  1. Amazing man he is, he is!! Great job, keep up the good work. I need to meet you soon Jason. I have an idea that I need to talk with you about.

    God bless,
    Karen & Rob Weaver


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