July 21, 2011

Jason went down to the PACU for his dressing change and was back in less than four hours... actually it was closer to three hours. All indications are that his wounds are healing up well, though slowly, and that the bacteria that is giving them the trouble is coming under control. It looks like the treatment they want to use to help with the final closing steps is going to be taking place next week, I think it will probably be Monday at the soonest.

We were sitting in his room talking and Jason was feeling pretty good when he said he wanted to get out on his cart. I said I would go out and talk to the nurses and PT folks and see if we could make it happen, sooner rather than later. Well, before I even left the room, M.J. (from PT) came in and said she wanted to get Jason out on the cart, and would be coming back in about half an hour to do so. Everything was a go, and Jason was all up for it. Then, just as we were starting to get ready for cart the nurse comes in and said the I.R. wanted to get Jason down for a new "Pick-Line" and they wanted to get him down now. We were all surprised by this and Jason was gone from his room when M.J. came in just a few moments later. You could see she was a little disappointed in not getting Jason out today, then said these things sometimes happen and we'll just do it tomorrow. Otherwise a pretty quiet day and not much else going on. We just need to continue to take one day at a time.

Thank you, all for your continued support and for all the prayers - This marathon is not over yet, even though we have come so very far... hang in there.


  1. Hi Jason - sorry you didn't get out in the chair today it would have been great to get out of your room. These are the little signs that you are feeling better if you feel up to getting out a little. Yay! It's another scorcher in the burbs of DC. Last I looked it was 100 and it said it feels like 117. I am really hoping to meet you in person this Sunday. You and I have always been passing ships but maybe it will happen this time. (Ship talk because I am a Navy mom too. ;-)

    George and Linda - check out the flyer in the Liaison office on the floor, hope to see you soon!

    Marine Mom

  2. Hi Jason, George & Linda!
    We just finished our week of VBS at church - it was awesome! A beach theme. JT, Ty, Mary Ann & I were the band: Pearl Clam. All the kids were great - the littlest ones sacked me with big hugs today while the big ones sang their little hearts out! We're all exhausted (missed you Linda!). It's warm here, but nothing compared to what you've got there. Keep up the amazing positive attitude and know that you're being prayed for. Fondly, Jennifer Geiger


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