July 15, 2011 - A day to forget

Today was a day that I think Jason would rather not remember. He developed some awful gas pains, and they lasted most of the day. I know, considering all that he has been through, gas pains couldn't have been that bad... they were. Because of their persistence he was taken down to X-ray, and to put it mildly, he really does not like getting X-rays done. They have to move him around and he basically has to lay on the photo plate, and no matter how you say it, it is uncomfortable. The good news is that they didn't find anything, and by the evening (sometime after 6:30) he was finally feeling better. Not sure what caused the gas and discomfort, and we might not ever know, we're just happy he is feeling better.

Jason had several visitors today, all spread out through the day. Most of them were guys connected in some way with what he was doing in Afghanistan, or EOD, then there were also a couple that simply came in because they wanted to talk with him. They all signed the book, though he wasn't in much of a mood to have his picture taken, due to the uncomfortable position he was in. He stayed in his bed for the entire day, so it looks like tomorrow will be the soonest we will see him out and about, on his cart, or maybe chair.

Speaking of his chair. We are planning on going to a BBQ next Wednesday, and if Jason is feeling up to it, he will be going with us. It is across the street from the hospital, so it isn't far to go, and it is being put on by the Marines Helping Marines group. I'm hoping nothing gets in the way, as he is really looking forward to a grilled steak for lunch, and maybe some potato salad... ;-)

Thank you, again for all your prays and support, we're moving ahead each day, even when there are some bumps along the way.


  1. Having as many years in as a nurse I would never downplay the pain of gas....I have seen it make people truly miserable...and then HAPPY when they finally get it to pass. Don't be shy here, Jason, let it rip.
    Love you all-

  2. And I thought your final sentence said "...moving ahead even when there are some BURPS along the way. I agree with Carol - let it rip, Jason! Maybe it was that delicious pizza... ;)Jennifer

  3. still praying for Jason and his recovery, for strength and encouragement to continue moving ahead.


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