July 14, 2013

First a little explanation of what happened yesterday, and why no post.

First it began with my system running slow, so I did some work on cleaning up the buffers, cache, temp files, defragging the hard drive and when I was done the system seemed to be functioning much better... for a little while. As I sat down to do a little catch up with my email, and then the blog (my normal routine at the end of the day) I noticed the battery was low and not charging. I was concerned with this and started to look at the cables and then it all just quit, with a black screen. My first thought was that something was wrong with the system in general and that I had done something wrong with my clean up effort, and was concerned that I was going to have to possibly get a new system. This was not very appealing to me, as that means spending money we don't have. In the morning I did a quick bike ride (too early for anyone to be open) and then headed over to Best Buy, since they hold the warranty on the system, and I knew they would be able to do at least some checking on why it wasn't running. As it turned out they just hooked it up to another, known good power supply, and the system came back to life. That told us that the power supply was shot and that all I needed to do was replace that. Much cheaper than buying a whole new system. As it turned out, it only cost me about $65. and the system is running just fine.

Okay, otherwise, Saturday (yesterday) started out with a really long bike ride, over some hilly terrain and my legs got a great work out. I remember going out a few months back and seeing this hill and thinking to myself that I didn't want to have to ever ride that one. Not only did I ride that hill, I road another one that was just as challenging, and I did it without having to stop. I felt pretty good after that ride, though I did need a little extra time to recover. When I got back to the house everyone was up and moving and we had a generally pretty good day.

There were the normal activities and things like showers and dressing changes - by the way, the wounds are looking much better, and I am hopeful that a couple of the areas are going to be closing up soon. This would be very good. The girls have been having a great time and playing with each other, as well as with Daddy (Jason), and Grandma and Grandpa. As it was, today was very similar to yesterday, except for some other activities, and a repair that happened today on my laptop... ;-)

One of the biggest differences for today was that after dinner tonight we took the girls to the carousel, over at the Sea Port Village, and they had a great time. Jason watched them as they rode the ride three times, and would have ridden more if it hadn't been time to get back to the house, so they could go to bed. We rode back to the house, and even after we got back to the house, both the girls were still excited about riding the horses and other carousel animals. I think we'll have to go back there again.

Jason is still making some significant progress with his meds, and that he is getting away from some of the pain medications, and that is a great thing. The fear is that the doctors will prescribe the same stuff again, after he has some surgery that is coming up. I know that is one of the concerns he has. He wants to get away from the medications as soon as he can so that he can give his kidneys a bit of a rest, even though there are no signs of any problems.

Tomorrow we have to get going early, as Jason has a 07:30 formation, so the two of us will go in the morning, and Linda will remain with the girls, back at the house. We will be leaving at about 07:00, and then coming back to pick them up later, so that they can get to day care. It works good for Linda that way too, so we're all happy. This has been a long post, so I really appreciate your taking the time to read the whole thing. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive...


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January 2017
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January 2017
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