Today started out very early, with Jason needing to be at a "class" for those who are starting the medical review boards. Jason has just recently started that, so he is obligated to take this training. The interesting part is that it is typically an all day session, meaning about nine hours, and Jason can not remain up in his chair for more than five hours at a time. Going more than four hours begins to cause him a great deal of dis-comfort and going over five there will be damage. What they have had to do is split the class in to two sessions and the first one is today with the next one happening next week.

We had to get the girls up early as well, since we wanted to get them over to the day care and then Linda and I were going to get to spend the morning, or at least most of it, together. What actually happened wasn't quite what we expected, but then it usually doesn't happen the way we expect anyway. We did get the girls over to their day care, right after dropping Jason off. Then we decided to go off to breakfast, with just the two of us, at the Broken Yoke.

We got into the restaurant without any kind of wait, and ordered out breakfasts. Linda was feeling a little out of sorts, since she had to get up early today, but we figured it was just a matter of needing to get things going with breakfast. Everything was good, until they brought my breakfast. I ordered the home fries, and noticed that the potatoes were bad, and had large black spots all through them. I called the manager over and showed him and he was thoroughly embarrassed. They did their best to fix the situation and apologized several times and then Linda began to get a bad headache. Over the coarse of about 15 minutes the headache went from bad to worse. We finally left with most of our breakfasts in boxes (they discounted for the potatoes, but no comp), and I brought Linda back home. She had a full blown migraine by the time we walked back into the house. She laid down and remained that way for most of the rest of the day. I did what I could to make her feel better, but she wanted to have a quiet and dark room.

While she was "resting" I decided to take off for a bike ride and road out to Cabrillo again, and it was a nice ride. I actually stopped and talked with the Park Ranger for a few minutes as he said he recognized me from my previous visits (I guess I'm riding out there often enough now that they are starting to recognize me). I bought a 1-week access to the park (bikes even have to pay for entry), so that I can come back again, and road into the park, and around for a little bit. I knew I needed to get back to the house so I didn't ride around too much. The total ride was about 16.5 miles, and I was pretty sweaty by  the time I got back home. When I did get home I saw the clock and it said 11:12, and I knew I needed to be back at Balboa by 11:30 to pick up Jason.

I came in the house and Linda was asleep. I did my best to not disturb her, and just grabbed a clean shirt and took off to go get Jason. I drove on to the base and went to C5 parking, where I usually go, and then called him to see where he was. He was over at building 26, waiting for me. I ended up picking him up at about 11:32, so I wasn't too late, and we headed on back home. This is where he took a shower and I did a dressing change for him. Afterward I took a shower and felt much better.

The rest of the day was me going to pick up the girls from day care, at about 15:00 (3pm) and coming back home. I took them over to the big park, after we had gotten back to the house, and they practically ran the entire way there. We only stayed for about 30 minutes, as there weren't any other kids there and they were hoping to have others to play with. We went on back home and finished watching Tangled (started it last night), and Jason ordered a pizza (he isn't in the mood for pizza very often, so when he is it usually works for all of us). He ordered a Hawaiian style for the girls, since they seem to like pineapple on their pizza, and then another one for him and I.

A little while latter I was upstairs, giving the girls a bath. About this time Linda got up and she wanted to come out and spend some time with the girls. She will be flying home this weekend and wanted spend some time with them, since this is their last night with us, while Linda is here. She sort of took over, once I got them out of the water and down stairs, and that was okay with me, since I needed to run over to the store (The girls drank the last of the milk with their pizza, and I wanted to be sure we had some in the morning.). I came home and told the girls good night, and then Linda and I sat down in the living room for about 30 minutes and just talked. We also killed a small bottle of wine, and then came back up to go to bed, and me finish this blog. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. I am actually quite tired right now, so please forgive any type-o's and other errors.


  1. So sorry you couldn't spend the day with Linda! Can't believe they didn't give you the food for free! Wouldn't go back there again!
    Know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!
    Psalms 86:5-7 For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee. Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications. In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.
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