Not much of an eventful day, other than to say that we went to the base and Jason took care of a number of appointments, after his regular 07:30 formation this morning. Since it was a day where Jason was going to be speaking with different folks, and all of them related to his med board process, I decided to take care of another issue that has been sort of sitting on the back burner for a couple of weeks now. That is, to take the van in for a regular service visit. The service check up took all of 20 minutes, and that was because the guys wanted to be sure to vacuum out the interior and there was some dog hair on the floor. With today's autos being computerized they just have to plug it in and as long as nothing is wrong, you're on your way with just a few minor adjustments and an oil change. Anyway, I was literally on my way back to the base before 08:00.

I went with Jason to most of his meetings, though there was one where they needed to draw some blood for a lab work that needed doing, and an injection. Otherwise it was an all paperwork kind of day. When we were done we headed over to the Broken Yoke and had some breakfast. It was only moderately busy, so it wasn't too loud, and we enjoyed just sitting there and talking about different things, like the girls birthdays coming up soon. As it is, this being an odd year, they will be with their mother, and next year with dad, who has the even years.

When we got home we relaxed a bit, and Jason had a shower, followed up by a dressing change. I let Jason know that the wounds are all looking better, and that I am hopeful that in a matter of a few weeks that one or two of them could be closing. A short while later I was headed back to the base to pick up the girls from CDC and then coming back home. That's when the day switched to a very fun kind of day.

The girls were all full of energy and wanted to share the day with us, even Jackie was talking up a blue streak. They went off for a little while and were playing together with their dolls. This gave me some time to figure out what I needed to do for dinner, though I already had planned on spaghetti. I cooked up the sauce and it came out exactly as I wanted it and the spaghetti noodles were just right. Both the girls ate plenty and the funny thing is that Stacy ate more than Jackie this time. After dinner, it still wasn't too close to bed time, yet Stacy asked if she could get her night gown on, and thus Jackie wanted to also. Shortly afterward  I called Grandma, and both of them talked with her, and told her all about their day and dinner.

I went up to my "office" and the girls came up with me. I spent about 15 minutes checking my email and Jackie asked to watch some Bugs Bunny. I said sure, but after I read you the story that Stacy asked me to read, earlier. They both sat with me as I read the story and then we watched some Bugs Bunny cartoons, I think three of them. Then it occurred to me that they should be doing this with Jason, so we went down to his room, and that's what they did, only they did it for more than just three cartoons. I stepped out and left them alone until it was time for bed, and I guess they were satisfied with their time because they were ready and willing to go to bed. It felt like a great night of family bonding and I could see that the three of them were very happy with the evening. Tomorrow we will be heading over to Gracie's training, at the park, so I'll have the girls over at the play area while Jason works with Gracie. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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